Hello, friends!

I’m back!!!!! Last night for the first time in probably 8 months I took a photo of what we made for dinner. That post is coming soon.

To sum up, Senor and I got married on June 7th in the US Virgin Islands. It was AMAZING. We showed up with our families and wedding clothes and our planner took care of the rest. We snorkeled every day and we didn’t get out of the water until 3pm on the day of our wedding. It was perfect and I could not be happier with our decision to have a very low-key destination wedding.  Here are a few photos.

We had a wonderful time, a wonderful wedding planner, and all around, an unbelievable wedding. Although we were a relatively small party, 20 of our closest family and friends came with us, it was perfect. We were able to spend quality time with everyone and still enjoy a relaxing vacation. During our ceremony I looked around and we had a lot of spectators sitting on the beach. After such a long engagement and looking forward so much to the day it was almost surreal. Looking at the pictures, it’s hard to understand why everyone doesn’t get married on the beach. Look how pretty!

We also had a reception back home in Minnesota. It was also pretty low-key. It was a bit more work (as opposed to none at all on the island) because it was in my sister’s back yard. We had a beautiful setting though and a tent (which we thankfully did not have to set up) which gave us the perfect venue. We set and decorated the tables a few hours before our guests arrived. And the one thing I was dead set on having for my wedding, peonies, managed to happen despite the early spring this year. I was delighted.

Before we get back to posts with recipes I want to mention some of the food we ate in St. Croix. It was some of the best eating we’ve ever done and it’s a big part of why we want to return there next year. The on-beach cottages and turquoise blue Caribbean sea play an additional role in that. Señor revealed later that he was actually worried the food on the island would be sub-par. Silly, silly man.

Sadly, I do not have photos of the best meal I had on the island. I know! I didn’t take a single picture the first two days and then realized how very stupid that was. I’ll be back some day and I’ll take a picture of the Manchego Crusted Scallops from Rumrunners when I return. They might be worth the trip all by themselves.

When we go out I make an effort to only order what I can’t make easily myself. I can happily say I’d never make any of these dishes at home (lack of fresh seafood and too much effort if I’m being honest) and they were all pretty memorable.

Two sandwiches from Turtle’s deli – one with Ham and pineapple, the other a killer combo of chicken, smoked gouda and coleslaw. This one was to die for. This is half the sandwich, btw. This place was just up the road from our cottage and I’m sad we didn’t go there until the last day. We should have gone daily.

Drinks at Rumrunners. One of the things about being a mile away from a rum distillery is that 1 – the rum is cheap 2 – the rum drinks are delicious and 3 – if you’re in the Caribbean in June it’s probably hot so you’ll want frozen, icy drinks 24/7. This was my fourth pina colada in three days.

The seafood salad at Rumrunners. Really yummy. There were scallops, shrimp and MahiMahi on this baby. The scallops are seriously amazing.

Our reception post ceremony was held at the Beachside Café next to our resort. One of the options from our wedding night reception was a hummus plate that was a meal in itself. I ate it all. Which why I couldn’t finish the entree.

I followed the hummus plate with their Honey Buttermilk Chicken Breast in a Cheddar Chive Sauce.

Senor opted for the Sesame Soy Ginger Glazed Tuna with Pineapple Salsa. Let’s just say the photo doesn’t do it justice.

On our last night we went back to the Café. I had the Lobster Oscar which is a fancy way of saying a lobster stuffed full of crab. I prefer to eat my seafood stuffed with more seafood.

Senor made another stellar menu choice, going with the Goat Cheese Crusted Rack of Lamb. SO delicious. Melted right in your mouth, topped with creamy goat cheese. Just amazing.

A few meals that I didn’t get pictures of include a crab-stuffed avocado, a beautiful steak salad, a surf-and-turf special, banana nut rum french toast and huge breakfast burritos. I think Señor was jealous of my breakfast burritos when they came out but being the nice lady that I am. I shared with him.

We’ll return to our regularly scheduled programming, i.e. food blogging for reals with the next post. After a visit to the farmer’s market this morning, I’ve got six bags of producing ready for action. The baby heirloom tomatoes, fresh basil and zucchini will be making a starring appearance sooner rather than later. 😉


3 Comments on “Hello, friends!”

  1. Jessica says:

    CONGRATULATIONS FRIEND!!! You made a beautiful bride ❤

  2. billpeeler says:

    Your wedding looks so amazing and beautiful! Thanks for sharing all the food pictures – I’m sure it was a wonderful time!

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