Cherry Cake Cream Pop

Senor and I are getting married on the sandy beaches of the Caribbean in 97 days. I am so excited. And so over booked with stuff to do, get, make, arrange, plan, etc. It’s fun and I love doing it but it leaves almost no time for anything else. My weekends are booked solid and my to-do and to-buy list never seems to shrink.

Last weekend I managed to address all of our invitations. Woot! But I still have to print them all off and still need to address the RSVP envelopes. So, my work is far from done by simply addressing them all. Once we send them off, almost everything major will be taken care of. Senor has his suit and shoes. My dress is in production. I have my shoes. We have our flights and room reserved. We have the home-reception planned and we’ve got contracts with a caterer and a rental company and an indoor, back-up venue. All in all I feel like things are moving ahead without too many issues.

Things happen in the Caribbean a lot differently than they do here. Wedding planning comes together in the last few weeks to the last few days. I tend to like to do things well in advance and have everything squared away (and written down in a check list) months ahead of time and that just isn’t how things operate there. Part of me loves that because I do want a laid back wedding. Part of me wants to cry at the thought of having to think about ideal photographers or bouquet styles while I’m on my vacation. I’m pretty sure I’ll survive though and if I freak out about something stupid like boutineers, I’ll just jump in the ocean and hug a sea turtle to calm myself down.

I really want to hug a sea turtle. I’ve asked Senor multiple times if he thinks I’ll be able to. I want to be in the water and have a sea turtle hanging out with me and I want to wrap my arms around him/her and give him/her a hug. There’s you tube videos of people hugging lions. I want to hug the sea turtle. I could probably live with hugging a dolphin. Still….I want those little legs in this picture.

Anyway, Wee Foodie is on a continued sabbatical until post wedding. It’s impossible to post anything anyway. I don’t cook! Okay, I do. But nothing fun or exciting. I have zero time for recipe development and Senor is on this crazy diet that makes him impossible to cook for. Unless a mound of beef on a pile of spinach is what you’re looking for in a recipe? I’m guessing no. I’ll do my best to pop in every once and a while before the wedding but will definitely be back this summer in full swing.

To tide you over (I know you’re anxiously awaiting my full return after all) here’s a crazy delicious drink that looks as sweet and innocent as a sock hop in 1955.

The Cherry Cake Cream Pop was first created two months ago on New Year’s Eve. I really meant to share it sooner. It’s easy and delicious and awesome. In fact, I think I’ll have one tonight. After I address those RSVPs.

Its name explains it all. Frozen cherries, cream, cake vodka and the bubbly awesomeness of ginger ale. Bars should start making these post haste. If you can get an apple pie shot, I should be able to order one of these lovelies.

The key ingredient is the Three Olives Cake Vodka. It is awesome. Amazing. The first bottle I had broke as we unloaded the car and my hand smelled like cake but I had nothing to drink. I seriously almost cried. Senor went across the street to the liquor store and bought a replacement, thankfully. I always have this in the freezer now. It can stand in for vanilla extract in a pinch. And also, you can drink it. Which is what I use it for 99% of the time.

Cherry Cake Cream Pop

1 oz (1 shot) Cake Vodka (Three Olives Brand)
5 oz Ginger Ale
0.5 oz heavy whipping cream
8-10 frozen cherries

Add your ice and cherries to your glass. Gently crush the cherries slightly.

Pour in 2 ounces of cake vodka. Fill the glass the rest of the way with ginger ale. Top off with heavy whipping cream. Finish with a 3-4 more cherries.

If you want, give it a stir to incorporate the cream. Note* These pictures are from New Year’s Eve and you had better believe that I did zero measuring while pouring.

Whenever I make these at home I use diet Ginger Ale since there’s plenty of calories in the vodka and cream! I also make it really often (more often than not) without the cream. It’s still super delicious but a lot less decadent and it’s not quite as pretty either. But you can also drink more than one. It’s a tough decision but I’m sure you’ll make the right choice.


2 Comments on “Cherry Cake Cream Pop”

  1. missgrill says:

    love making such things… i call them my spiked italian sodas!

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