Codfish over Ginger Soy Orzo with a Poached Egg

There has been much ado in Wee household as of late. Namely, we have been going through a number of preparations for our wedding. Hooray! We set a date of June 7, 2012. And since we had to wait until we were only a year out to book our venue and our accommodations, there’s been a bit of a mad scramble to get everything organized. It’s a small venue and fairly popular, so we didn’t want to wait until it was already half booked! I think the scrambling will more or less die down for a while now that we’re situated, but it’s been a fun and busy few days. And I officially cannot wait to go to the Caribbean! Eek!

To top off our busyness, the weather has been weirdly random lately. Last Tuesday we topped out at 103. Whaaa??? Early June in Minnesota? You’re more likely to get light snow (I’m joking. Sort of.) than 100+ degree days. Minnesota doesn’t usually break 100 degrees even in the dead of summer. It was a little shocking. Actually, the highways were buckling all over because of the heat both yesterday and on Monday. It made the commute and extra special kind of treat.

The next day it dropped 40 degrees. I am really looking forward to a place where the record high is 97 and the record low is 56 and not for the month of June, but for the height of summer and the low of winter.

A few days ago I did make a pretty delicious dinner though. One that wasn’t really difficult but combined offered some impressive flavors and certainly seemed fancy.

Ginger fried rice at Spice Market in the meat packing district of New York was the first time I realized that a soft, tender egg over a bed of fried rice was delicious. I was super full and it was the end of the evening when they brought it out. It was, for this carb loving girl, the best tasting thing we’d had all night which is saying something. We had a lot of delicious stuff. Since then anything with Asian influences and a bed of rice or rice-looking pasta always seems to call for an egg. I suggest just going with it. It usually all works out for the best.

Codfish over Ginger Soy Orzo with a Poached Egg
Serves 2

2 fillets of cod (or another white fish of your choice)

2 Tablespoons olive oil, divided

4 Tablespoons low-sodium soy sauce

1 Tablespoon powdered ginger

1 Tablespoon powdered garlic

1/4 cup of water

1 generous handful of baby spinach

2 eggs, poached

6 oz. dry orzo

Start orzo boiling in a sauce pan on a back burner.

In a large saute pan, heat 1 tablespoon of olive oil over medium-high heat. Add the fish and cook, searing each side until lightly browned. About five minutes.

While the fish and orzo are cooking, mix together the other tablespoon of oil, the soy sauce, ginger, garlic and water. Whisk together until well blended.

When the fish is mostly cooked through, separate into large pieces with a spatula. Add a small dash of your sauce mixture and a few tablespoons of water to the pan to deglaze. Lightly toss the fish so the deglazed juices coat the fish. Remove the fish and set aside.

On a front burner, heat a small saucepan of water on high heat.

Add your cooked, drained orzo to the sauce pan on medium-low flame. Add the sauce mixture and toss to coat. Add the spinach and continue to toss. Turn the heat to low and cover for a few minutes to ensure all of the spinach is softened.

Turn to your saucepan of water which should be just about boiling. Turn to low and poach two eggs (one after another is fine, they go quickly) to top your plate.

Give the orzo a final toss with the juice of a squeezed lemon. If the pasta is sticking or looks dry, add a few tablespoons of water to deglaze the pan and keep the juice coating the noodles.

Serve the fish atop the orzo and top the whole thing off with your perfectly poached egg. Garnish with a lemon wedge.


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