Chicken Peanut Lo-Mein


Can you believe I started this post over a week ago? I did, and I’m ashamed at how long it’s taken me to get it posted. I blame the royal wedding. Oh yes. I have spent countless hours curled up on my sofa watching television coverage (live of course), re-watching online, reading every article I can get my grubby little fingers on and basking in the complete glory of all things British, royal and wedding related. I have a deep love of Britain, and an even deeper love of princesses, tiaras, and anything else that looks like it might have once been in a Disney movie. Yes, I am that girl. I don’t mind telling you that for a week or so, I subsisted mainly off of leftover hard-boiled eggs and a tub of green jello, leaving Senor to scrounge for bits of left over ham and the occasional dinner roll. 

That’s not true. I made food. I would never let Senor starve. But I did all my cooking with my laptop playing a number of clips and highlights and barely paid attention to what I was making. It was a week of pure consumption and the very best kind. Sadly, the interwebs have no new material for me to absorb so it’s back to cooking like a normal human and reading nothing in the news except stories of death, destruction and disasters. That’s as fun as watching a commoner become a princess right? GAH. 

Anyway. As I’ve shared before, Senor and I live across the street from a Tibetan restaurant that has addictive food. Addictive, cheap food. You may wonder why I ever bother to cook at all and it’s a valid question. We could probably eat our way through the menu and back again and be perfectly content. I would hate to get tired of my beloved Gangchen though, so we try to space out our visits. As often happens though, the wind will be blowing from the west and the delicious smells of garlic and soy sauce will hit so powerfully that the 30 second walk from your car to the front door is sheer torture. 

What usually ends up happening after the 30-second olfactory assault is that I try to reason my way into getting take out for dinner. This usually works about half the time. The other half, I decide I’ll just recreate some of our favorite Gangchen creations in my own kitchen. This is what happened a few weeks ago. Then, the recipe that I’d tossed together was so yummy, we both craved it again a few days later. Luckily for us, we’d been sent home from a family birthday party with a bag full of broccoli and bell pepper slices and I decided to put them to quick work in wok with noodles, peanut sauce and some roasted chicken. It worked out pretty well. Which is a polite way of saying, I got sauce on my forehead when I tried to lick my plate clean. 

This dish is part lo-mein, part Thai-peanut noodles. I really, truly, firmly believe that you can make it a thousand different ways and it’ll be delicious with each variation. I used yellow, red, and orange bell peppers, broccoli, red onions and chicken and it was flavorful and lovely. You could add mushrooms, sprouts, peapods, pork, bok choy, chilies, tofu, the list goes on. The sauce, well. The sauce I change up depending on my mood. On this specific day, I wanted a savory, nutty sauce with plenty of creaminess and flavor. Again, you should definitely mix it up. The only real rules here are that you must have noodles of some variety, tossed with a sauce that contains oil, soy sauce, ginger and garlic. After that, be as creative as you want. Or just follow the recipe below. I’ll let you choose.

Chicken Peanut* Lo-Mein
Serves 2

6 oz dry spaghetti or Asian noodle of your choice.

4 oz cooked rotisserie chicken, chopped

1/2 of a red, yellow and orange bell pepper

1 cup broccoli florets

1 red onion

1 Tablespoon canola oil (or other vegetable oil)

1 teaspoon garlic powder

For the sauce:

2 Tablespoons low sodium soy sauce

2 Tablespoons peanut butter

1 teaspoon toasted sesame oil

1 Tablespoon canola oil

1 Tablespoon vinegar

1 teaspoon garlic powder

1 teaspoon Chinese 5 spice

1 teaspoon ground ginger

black pepper

Heat one tablespoon of canola oil with a teaspoon of garlic powder in a wok. Add the vegetables and chicken. Saute until heated through.

In a separate bowl, mix together all of the ingredients for the sauce. Whisk until the peanut butter is smoothed and the spices are well mixed. Add the mixed sauce to the wok. Toss until well coated. If you find the sauce is too thick, add water one tablespoon at a time.

Add the cooked spaghetti noodles and toss to coat with the sauce. Bring the mixture to a simmer.

Serve with a few sprigs of fresh cilantro or flat-leaf parsley for garnish.

*This recipe can easily be altered to use Sun Butter instead of Peanut Butter for those with allergies. Simply substitute Sun Butter or another seed butter for the Peanut Butter. Alternately, you may omit all nut/seed butters from the recipe, it will still be delicious, just slightly less creamy.


4 Comments on “Chicken Peanut Lo-Mein”

  1. Rachel says:

    >Wow. I think I need to go home and cook this tonight. Or right now. Looks so yummy!

  2. Loribeth says:

    >Wow! That looks really good! I bet it tastes just as good.This is my first time visiting your blog, and it is beautiful! I love the background! You have a new follower!

  3. Alisha says:

    >@ Loribeth: thanks for the follow!! 🙂

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