February already?

>I’ve been such a terrible blogger! It’s not that I haven’t cooked things, I just haven’t bothered to write about them. The two main causes of my neglect?


And a newfound obsession with Veronica Mars.

I know. Between the two, I have no time left over for writing about things or even taking pictures of what I’m eating. Seriously. We went to a yummy sushi place called Sushi Tango last Saturday night and then had dinner with friends at Little Szechuan last Sunday. Did I take any pictures? No I did not. It was all totally picture-worthy too. On Saturday we had amazing fried rice, beef kabobs and a lovely array of sushi rolls. So good. On Sunday Senor had a giant bowl of tea soup with duck and I had a crunchy, spicy chicken dish that had so many chili peppers in it, I think there maybe were more chilis than chicken. It was so good. But, alas, no pictures. My bad.

So the Nook. It’s been really great. My only issue is that I just finished a series and I’m trying to figure out what to read next. I love the nook because I can check out library books on it. The problem is that the library has very, very few copies of e-books. Most books only have one copy, maybe two if you’re lucky. So the wait list is super, super slow and I am not known for my patience. The good news is, books like Little Women, the Secret Garden and Pride and Prejudice are free since they’re ‘public domain’ so I can read some classics while I wait for my next book to be ready. The best part is that once I get the email, I don’t have to drive the library. Just plug my nook into my computer and voila. My book is delivered. Sometimes I really love technology.

So, I promise to do a better job of chronicling my cooking adventures. Last week I made a casserole that was more or less, hamburger helper but not disgusting and not packaged in a box with a powder. Today I made some giant blueberry muffins and I actually took a picture of them. I think I might tell you about those next because they’re pretty delicious and I think the recipe should probably be shared with the world.

For now I’m sitting on my parent’s sofa, occasionally looking at the Superbowl but mostly thinking about other things. I really don’t care who wins because I don’t like football and in general the NFL and the mania pisses me off. In fact, I just heard the announcer say that the world was waiting to see if a play would be overturned. Yeah, I don’t think so. The great majority of the world doesn’t give a shit about an American football game. Let’s try not to take things out of context people. However. Senor is from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and his home town is a whole two hours from Green Bay. So while I don’t actually care, I think it would make him pretty happy if the won, even though he’s not really all that into football. He still likes them. I’ve always hated Green Bay because 1 – I’m from Minnesota and 2 – worst colors in the NFL. Just hideous. But yeah, he likes them. In fact they just scored and he jumped up and down like a little boy. It’s sort of endearing so I suppose it would be a good thing if they won. What would be a lot awesomer (yes, awesomer) is if the Twins could win the World Series. Yeah. Much cooler. But I digress.

Up next, giant blueberry muffins, what happens when you don’t have pan liners for giant muffins, and a recipe for batter that’s so delicious, you will maybe not be able to stop eating the batter in order to bake the damn things. It took some self-restraint, let me tell you.


One Comment on “February already?”

  1. Jessica says:

    >Okay, I really need to investigate the library e-books on my Kindle, loving that idea!

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