Happy New Year!

>Wow, I meant to be much better at updating this thing over the holidays and I pretty much just failed at that. Oh well. I was actually pretty damn busy being crafty and artsy and spent a ton of time with my family, including but not limited to a game night with my nieces who are six and three. It was fab.

I was literally working away at gifts until we left the house on Christmas Eve. My Christmas Cookie gift plan worked out really well and seems to have been well received by all. The clear favorite of all the cookies were the frosted sugar cookies. More about the cookies to come. Here’s a nice picture of the final products though!

From left to right:
Mint Chocolate Chip cookie
Pancake Syrup Sugar cookie
Chocolate/Vanilla Pinwheel
Red Velvet Shortbread
Chocolate Chip cookie
Maple Sugar cookie
Sour Cream Sugar cookie with Cream Cheese frosting

I also whipped up a giant and delicious butternut squash lasagna. I took pictures as I was creating it but never took any of the final product. Stupid right? I was in a hurry! I had half an hour to get it in the oven, get myself showered and dressed and get out the door! It was delicious and I promise, I’ll take pictures of the next one I make so you can see it in all its glory.

Christmas Eve was this:

We all troop over to Mom and Dad’s and the kids prance around in their best clothes. Forgive me, I forgot to take pictures of our food. Sometimes I’m bad at this blogging thing. Then again, sometimes you have to direct the camera at cuter subjects:

We traditionally eat ravioli, lasagna, sausages, bruschetta and salad on Christmas Eve, followed up by a lot of cookies. At some point, not too long after eating, someone, usually my dad, hears hooves on the roof. All of the kids stop and squeal with delight, then as the hooves become louder and more apparent, we all (yes, me included) dart upstairs to hide in the bedroom while Santa comes in with the presents. You see, if Santa sees you, he won’t give you any presents. You have to be very, very quiet and try to contain your excitement while Santa knocks on the door and comes in, delivering a GIANT bag of toys, wishing all of the adults a Merry Christmas and just as quickly whisks away again. Here’s what the hiding room looks like:

And the tree after Santa’s been to visit too….although sadly the picture below doesn’t capture the shrieks of excitement or the kids bolting down the steps to see what’s there.

When Senor and I got home we ripped open our presents to one another. I got him lowball crystal glasses from Tiffany, a bottle of Grey Goose, some new shirts, new gloves, fixed his watch and got him a gift certificate for a free massage.

I got these gems:

He did VERY WELL. 😀

On Wednesday this week we drove to northern Michigan, about an 8 hour drive to stay with his family for a few days. His parents gave me these two books which I’m super excited about (I think I squealed!) a cake-keeper (so no more using a stockpot!!!!) and some lovely glass canisters that we can put dry goods in. These will be awesome because we only have one small cupboard for a pantry and bags of noodles, beans, rice, etc. are constantly falling out and landing on whatever I’m making. I can’t wait to fill them up.

So now we’re in Michigan for New Year’s Eve as we traditionally are. The holiday fortnight is always so busy, it’s amazing how fast time flies by. Or how many cookies you actually end up eating. Yikes. Thankfully we’ve been able to go to the gym up here so it’s not SO bad as I stuff oreo balls in my face. The days before and after Christmas were spent in a mad dash of baking, wrapping, visiting, eating, drinking…and traipsing through snow. The weather this year has been nutso and on the 23rd we walked 4 blocks to meet a friend for some drinks. By the time we got there, we were like walking snowmen. Now it’s raining both here and at home but it’s all going to freeze and we’ll be walking around on ice rinks for sidewalks in no time. Fabulous.

I might need to go take a nap so I’m prepared to stay up past midnight tonight. Did anybody get anything really exciting for Christmas? In addition to everything pictured I got some fab makeup from my sister, a Twins sweatshirt from my parents, a new calendar full of pictures of my nieces, and a cute beaded bracelet from my sister. Yay Christmas! I still giggle when I look at my nook and the fabulously gorgeous cover on her…..le sigh.


One Comment on “Happy New Year!”

  1. Jessica says:

    >I'm so jealous of your Nook cover and your Vera bag!!! AAGH! So cute!Hope you have a wonderful fun filled New Year's Eve. 😉

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