Christmas Tree!!


Senor and I put up our tree last weekend. We almost always put up the tree on the day after Thanksgiving, or that Saturday. Since Friday was a day spent making thousands of ravioli, we opted for Saturday. 🙂 Senor brings the tree up from downstairs and puts it together (he gets to use his drill!) while I start unwrapping the ornaments. I direct the proceedings and he does all the heavy lifting, like putting the star on and wrapping the lights. I hate doing that part. 🙂 We always put the tree up while watching Love, Actually. It’s such a perfect Christmas movie and we both really love it.

Our house is very, very small which means that our Christmas tree must be ‘efficient’ for our space. My parents bought me an ‘apartment’ tree my first winter. It’s a tree that’s skinny, but still tall. We have 9ft ceilings and really, our tree could be even taller. It’s narrow though, so we can fit it in between the orange chair in the corner and the end table that’s next to the bookcase. Most importantly, it can be in front of the window, which is where Christmas trees should always be, if possible.

Because our tree is so small, it appears that we have a million ornaments. This year we decided not to hang up the medium sized silver balls because there just isn’t any room for them. We have plenty of ornaments on the back too, so adding plain ornaments just seems pointless now. Every year we buy at least one new ornament. And what’s the theme of our tree you ask? FOOD!!!! What could be better? What good is a Christmas tree if it doesn’t make you hungry? My mom’s tree is also mostly food-based and it’s really the best.

We have a handful of adorable childhood ornaments: a sleigh with my name, a rocking horse, two ‘baby’s first Christmas’ balls, and a lovely white angel. My sisters have matching angels in pink and blue. I don’t have any of Senor’s childhood ornaments though, although I think he must have some. 

We have a wide variety of food ornaments: gum drops, candy canes, ice cream cones, lollipops, candy garland, tarts, cupcakes, and other deliciousness. Mmmmmm, tasty.


We have owls: three cloth ones from Senor and a wooden one as well. Owls are an underlying theme in our house, due mainly to the fact that Senor loves owls and wishes he had one as a pet. 

And finally, I have a bunch of rather random ornaments. A shamrock that I bought in Ireland. A sheep from Scotland. A Snoopy ornament from a friend in 7th grade. Clothespin reindeer that I made in elementary school. A tatted wreath my great-aunt made. A Santa that my oldest niece decorated for me. You get the picture.

We have a very glittery star at the top of our tree but I’m not particularly attached to it. If there were a giant cupcake tree topper, I would totally get that instead. The star is pretty and traditional I suppose.

I don’t know that I have a ‘favorite’ ornament, but I do have those that I favor over others. You can tell which ones I adore because they are front and center, while the ones that are really just ‘filler’ are stuck at the back. I do love unwrapping them all though. It’s like opening a present, what’s it going to be???! And we both really adore admiring our tree. We always have it lit when we’re home and I love that for a whole month of the year, we’ll sit in the living room with nothing but the tree lights on while we watch tv, eat dinner, or work our computers. It’s so festive, it makes the early sunset seem worth while you know? I love admiring a nice Christmas tree, don’t you?



3 Comments on “Christmas Tree!!”

  1. Jessica says:

    >Unpacking the ornaments is always the best part! I want to put my tree up NOW! I need to steal my baby ornaments from my momma. 😉

  2. Tova says:

    >I love your christmas ornaments! You can tell how special each one is to you and how you take care of your traditions! I just ordered a custom wedding ornament for myself, and I can't wait to add a new special one each year!

  3. >What wonderful ornaments, I love ones that have meaning!

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