The secret to fried rice


 I’ve discovered the secret to fried rice. Cook it twice.

A few nights ago I made us sweet and sour chicken with fried rice. It was nothing special, I used sauce from a can and whipped up the fried rice quickly so it wasn’t as golden and delicious as it could have been. I had leftovers though, and I knew exactly what I was going to use them for. Saturday Brunch. I’m so glad I did. Look at that golden rice! Yum!

I’ve sort of fallen in love with having rice, either risotto or fried rice, with breakfast food instead of toast or potatoes. I just spray my cast iron pan well and dump in the rice to reheat it. By cooking it twice, it makes the rice less clumpy and each grain gets a nice brown glaze. Delicious. I’ve discovered that if you want rice that doesn’t stick together, first you have to rinse it really, really, really well before cooking. When you refrigerate fried rice after it’s first cooking, a lot of the moisture that’s retained evaporates. That way, when you put it back in the pan for reheating, it separates better and fries better. Lynn Rosetta Casper once said, “If you have wet vegetable it’s not a stir fry, it’s a stir steam.” She is very wise and the same is true for rice. If it’s still wet from boiling, it’s not going to brown properly.

The leftovers filled the cast iron skillet just enough that I could easily stir and flip the rice and each piece got enough time with the bottom of the pan. I think this is also important for good tasting fried rice. I think the next time I want to make a fried rice dinner, I’ll need to boil the rice the night before, pan-cook it lightly, and then let it sit in the fridge for a day….then fry up just enough for the two of us at once, and fry any leftovers later.

We ate ours with eggs and bacon and it was delicious. Hmmm, lunch time!


One Comment on “The secret to fried rice”

  1. Jessica says:

    >Thanks for the tip, I've made fried rice before and it just seems like something is missing. 🙂

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