>On Tuesday this week we had a thunderstorm in Minnesota. On Wednesday we broke a record high, 68 degrees. Today it snowed 10 inches.

“Thank you global warming for extreme, unpredictable weather patterns.”
-Liz Lemon, 30 Rock

9:00 am Nov. 13

I actually didn’t mind the snow…I got to test out a pair of skinny jeans that I bought a while ago with my winter boots. For the record, I do not wear skinny jeans, ever, I’m not that kind of girl. Mostly because I have abnormally giant calves (a coworker once told me my calves looked like turkey drumsticks and he wanted to eat them. Yeah, creepy.) and skinny pants, while baggy on my butt, are skin tight on my calves. It’s a sexy look. Anyway, with boots on you can’t tell so much so I wore them today and it went well. Senor and I had massages this morning so we got to drive right through the thickest snowfall. Hooray. Senor was really unpleased at that point but we survived and had lovely massages.

Good job, Senor!

It’s all going to melt over the next few days anyway so for now it doesn’t bother me much. It’s pretty to look at and I pelted Senor with an excellent snowball. There’s a snow emergency here so we’re not going anywhere tonight, lest we give up our prime parking spots! A Saturday is really the best day for a giant snow storm for us. Neither of us has to work on Saturday. I’m definitely looking forward to telecommuting this winter on really bad days. My old job didn’t really allow that very often but my job now does. No need to trek out in treacherous weather!

But Wee, I don’t need a winter coat. It’s like, 30 degrees out here!

I stood outside for at most, two minutes before I was covered. : )

For now, the snow is the perfect backdrop for baking. Coming up, two kinds of bread and probably some more cookies. Oooooh.


2 Comments on “SNOW DAY!”

  1. Jessica says:

    >I bet you rocked those skinny jeans. I haven't drummed up the courage to wear them and I don't have any boots! I must remedy this soon. ;)Yay for snow!

  2. Wee says:

    >Ha! I find that if you have a coat on, over your butt and boots on up to your knees, it's much easier to enjoy the skinny jeans!

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