Minnesota in the fall

>Senor and I love to travel and sometimes we daydream about moving to New York City or London and being uber chic urbanites. The truth is though, we both love Minnesota and can’t imagine living anywhere else.

I just read an article on Yahoo! that ranked the Twin Cities as the most relaxed metro area in the country. St. Paul/Minneapolis are consistently ranked well for standards of living, health, cleanliness, public education, transportation, affordability, etc. The things I love about Minnesota, besides the things I just listed, are the number of lakes you can swim in, the fact that the city is vibrant and you can always find something to do, and that if you want to go find a small bit of nature, you can easily do so without driving out of the city limits.

Last month Senor and I celebrated our 4-year anniversary. This was about a week or so before we got engaged and we had a really lovely day. It was October 8 when we decided to have a fun day together. We started out at the gym, which is always fun right? Afterward we headed to Bruegger’s and picked up some bagels as well as some coffees from a certain Caribou. We took our fare to a small park on the banks of the Mississippi. It’s a park that Senor had, amazingly, never been to. I used to run to the park all the time when I was in college and lived in St. Paul. I think the park is technically part of the University of St. Thomas campus but it’s still nice, despite the giant cross statue that sort of looms. I think there are a lot of weddings at the park, or at least a lot of wedding photos.

We weren’t concerned with benches and statues though, so we climbed over the railing and walked down a limestone set of stairs/slope. There’s actually a limestone cliff that looks over the river. We didn’t go all the way down, but found a nice slab of limestone to sit on and eat our lunch and enjoy the fall foliage. I took pictures and ate my bagel. We were in St. Paul, facing Minneapolis. The city’s are divided by the river. This place is a 5 minute drive from our house in the middle of Minneapolis and 2 minutes from our gym in St. Paul. I took pictures like this:

After we finished eating and taking in the views, we left the river and headed towards the science museum. Lucky for us, the street that ends with this park, Summit Ave, is the most historic, pretty, and expensive street in the state. At the end of it in downtown St. Paul, you can turn left, turn right, and end up at the Science Museum. So we drove down Summit enjoying the afternoon sunshine while I took pictures of the trees. And the governor’s mansion, just for good measure.

At the Science Museum we renewed our membership (yes, we’re dorks) and went to see the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit. Photos weren’t allowed of the scrolls and we didn’t really look at anything else since we’ve seen all of the other current exhibits several times. We did buy a snack after viewing the scrolls (which were awesome, by the way) and enjoyed it out on the patio. Once again, we were overlooking the banks of the Mississippi, this time facing south instead of west, so St. Paul is on both sides of the river. St. Paul really is a beautiful city. The cathedral is pretty much majestic and the river makes everything prettier doesn’t it?

After the museum we ran home to change into our fancy clothes for dinner. We headed back out for dinner at the Nicollet Island Inn which is on an island in the middle of the Mississippi, near the heart of downtown Minneapolis. The river pretty much runs through all of the best places in Minnesota. Or at least a lot of them. Our dinner was delicious but it was far too dark in there to take photos of all the delicious food. It was nice though, there was a flickering candle and a horse-drawn buggy kept going by outside the window. Isn’t Minnesota pretty?


2 Comments on “Minnesota in the fall”

  1. Jessica says:

    >Wow, you had an amazing day. I'm jealous of where you live! The trees, the river, that cathedral… it's all beautiful!

  2. Wee says:

    >I agree! It's part of why I don't think we'll ever leave here. 🙂

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