Steakhouse Shephard’s Pie and Funfetti Cake


Rachael Ray is, I believe, fairly evil. She really irritates me. Actually, almost all of the cooks on the Food Network irritate me. I think she and Giada bug me the most. Let’s just say I have a first-hand source to back me up, these chicks are not fun in real life. And that abrasive voice on the television? Yeah well. My goal in life is to be the first and only host on Food Network that doesn’t make people want to jab out their ears. Unfortunately, they have pretty decent recipes. Such a conundrum!

However, the other day I discovered that if I have something else in my ears, I can actually watch Rachael Ray and maintain my sanity. This works out well at the gym, as you can imagine. So the other day I was running and watched her make a recipe called a Steakhouse Shephard’s Pie. She took everything you like about a steakhouse and put it into one dish and baked it, then had a side salad of tomatoes and shrimp. It looked delicious! I did not have the ingredients for the side salad (i.e. shrimp) but I had everything else so the next night I made the recipe with a few variations.

It’s pretty easy. Start by peeling, chopping and boiling some large yellow potatoes for mashed potatoes. When they’re going, brown up a pound of ground beef. Honestly, I think her recipe was for two pounds but I don’t need a 9×13 of this do I? No, I don’t. I browned the beef and drained it well. At this point she whipped up a gravy out of the beef fat. I had no beef fat to use so I used a packet of low-sodium gravy mix. Grass fed beef just doesn’t have the fat content. I started sauteing some baby portabella mushrooms in the skillet I’d just taken the beef out of. Then I chopped up a red onion. When the mushrooms were done, I added them, along with the onions to the beef and mixed the gravy in. My bottom layer was prepared. That’s a bottom layer of beef, onion, mushrooms and gravy. Delicious!!!!

Leave the onions raw. They cook enough in the baking portion but if you start
with them raw, they’ll still have that yummy onion flavor.

 At this point, I preheated my toaster oven. Oh yes! I baked this delicious feast in my toaster oven. Partially because I like using my toaster oven. I can see into it without opening it. Partially because I was baking a cake in my actual oven.

Once the  bottom layer was ready, the potatoes were pretty much done too. I whipped them up with my immersion blender, and some milk. Probably a little too much milk. At the same time, I had bacon frying in the pan. Once the potatoes were smooth, I added a bunch of blue cheese crumbles. And whipped a bit more. After heaping the top with mashed potatoes, I cut up the cooked bacon and sprinkled it on top, followed by more blue cheese crumbles and some cayenne. In her recipe she used paprika and I don’t think she put blue cheese on the top but whatevs. I live dangerously.


 I popped it all in the (toaster) oven for about 30 minutes and took it out when it looked like this:

The potatoes could have been a bit thicker but again, I think I used too much milk. That’s okay though, it was DELICIOUS. Damn that Rachael Ray and her delicious recipes!

At the same time Senor came home, the cake I had baked was done. It was a $1.00 box of Betty Crocker Butter Yellow….and then I added funfetti sprinkles. After stacking it together and putting it in the freezer, I frosted it with two kinds of chocolate frosting. Senor waited up well past his bed time in order to have a piece. It was pretty tasty though, so I think it was worth the wait.

And because we’re not fancy, here’s how cover and store cakes at our house. Classy.


2 Comments on “Steakhouse Shephard’s Pie and Funfetti Cake”

  1. Jessica says:

    >"My goal in life is to be the first and only host on Food Network that doesn't make people want to jab out their ears"OH MY GAWD –> if you replaced Rachel Ray, I would be your obedient servant for life. I'm afraid of her talking hands. STOP MOVING!Now I want Shepard's pie. And I don't have a cake storer-carrier-taker thingy either. :/

  2. Wee says:

    >If I become the next Rachael Ray, I promise that I will never utter the phrase, "EVOO" or any other weird, annoying, not shorter or more convenient acronym whilst cooking. This is my pledge.

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