On Monday afternoon, Senor and I got engaged!!! I am VERY excited about this.

A few months ago we had a chat and decided that May 2012 would be our wedding month. We also agreed that we would have our ceremony on the beach in the Caribbean, and in order to allow our families and friends enough time to prepare for a trip, we would have at least an 18-month engagement. Although I am a romantic person, I am also fairly practical and loooooove to plan things to a precise T. It was imperative to me that we make this decision together and were on the same page. So in many ways, I knew ahead of time that it was coming sometime soon, but I didn’t know specifically when.

I chose a stone and a setting and saved them on our laptop for Senor’s convenience. I always do this for any gift because he really wants to get me exactly what I want. Also, I’d had rings saved on our laptop for years so it wasn’t exactly a departure from normalcy for us. A few weeks ago he asked me what size ring I wore and a few days later, the stone I had bookmarked was sold. His account at the jewelry store we’d decided on also changed. I knew something was up but I vowed that I wouldn’t say a word. In the past I’ve managed to extract enough information out of him to pretty much guess every present he’s ever given me. I knew how sad he would be if I managed to extract the information from him, so I kept quiet. UNTIL one night at the gym. We were lifting together and he called me ‘wifey’ and I said, ‘I see no ring on my finger, do you?’ He said, ‘Soon enough. By the way, what’s the status of your stone?’ If he was going to antagonize me, I was not going to stick to my vow of silence. He told me that he preferred when I grumbled about not having a ring yet because, you know, he knew I really wanted to marry him. As if there was a doubt!

So I resumed my normal grumbling, meanwhile trying to keep quiet to everyone else. Then on Monday morning at 7:50 am FedEx rang our buzzer. We never get packages at our house since we send them to Senor’s work so this was pretty weird. Also, it was 7:50 am! I looked at the return address and knew instantly what was in the box. (Yes, I memorized the address. And I also knew that the company only shipped to verified billing addresses which is why he had it sent to our house and not my sisters’ or somewhere else.) I sat with the box on my lap for 20 minutes, hands shaking, talking myself out of ripping it open right then. Senor was of course at work. I sent him a text to tell him a package had arrived and that I knew the return address…but that I would pretend I had not seen and would not mention it.

I proceeded to spend the day at work clutching at my face, praying that he would ask me as soon as I got home so I wouldn’t explode with anxiety. Around three o’clock in the afternoon Senor started texting me, telling me to come home right away!!!! I knew it had to be it so I hopped in my car and drove home, shaking and giggling nervously the entire time.

I got home and walked in, trying to be normal. I scooted through the house to the bathroom (nerves!) and quickly checked our dogs’ collars. He always said he’d put the ring on Buddy’s collar and didn’t think he really would but I thought it was worth a quick inspection. It wasn’t there so I came back out into the living room and resolutely did not look right at him because I knew I would start grinning like a moron. After a few seconds he said, “Okay, come here and sit down please.” Oh man, this was it! I sat down and tried to remain calm. He said, “I know this is really anti-climactic because of stupid FedEx,”….brings out ring box…opens it…”will you marry me?” And this is where I pretty much blacked out. I didn’t pass out or anything, but I don’t really remember exactly what I did or said. Probably because I was so nervous and trying so hard not to giggle like a fool and maintain even breathing. Senor tells me that what I did was the following: took the ring box out of his hand, put the ring on my finger, said yes, and then hugged him and started crying. Yes, I did not wait for him to put it on me. He thought about slapping my hand away but let me take the ring on my own. Once he told me what I did, I gave it back to him and let him ask me a second time in the kitchen and he put the ring on me properly and what not. It was not perfect. But it was very, very, very us in pretty much all ways. A bit of a mess but delighted with one another and our own ridiculousness.

Now, let the planning begin!


3 Comments on “Engaged!!!”

  1. Jessica says:

    >GGGAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!Soooo sosososo happy for you! Congratulations girly. 😀

  2. >Congratulations, Alisha!! If you ever want to bounce ideas off anyone, I'd be more than happy to help! 🙂

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