Onion soup


Onion soup is honestly one of the easiest things EVER. I have two French cooking books (both of which I bought for $3 off the Border’s clearance rack) and they both give the recipe pretty much the same and you need a very few ingredients to make it. Onions, beef broth, sugar, butter, salt, and some crusty bread and cheese. I think some of them call for white wine but I never use it because it just isn’t necessary. It’s such a yummy, filling dinner that I probably make it a little too often, but Senor really seems to like it so I don’t think he minds too much. I also think about onion soup all the time thanks to Harry Potter who eats onion soup in at least three of seven books.

Most onion soup has a big chunk of bread at the bottom and Gruyere cheese melted over the top. I usually make ours a little differently. I toast the bread with cheese on top (and sometimes ground beef if we’re really hungry) and serve it on the side of the soup. I do melt cheese on top of the soup (and then it sinks in)  but we both agree, having a crunchy piece of toast is better than a soggy bunch of mush at the bottom of a bowl.

To make the soup, first chop 2-3 very large onions. Remember, the longer the pieces, the more they will dangle off your spoon. So don’t dice them, but chop them so they’re not too long. Melt half a stick of butter in a stock pot, add the onion, and cook until the onions start to caramelize. Add the sugar and then, once it’s melted and the onions are translucent (and sweet to taste) pour in the broth. I use two cartons of low sodium broth. Not ‘lower sodium’ but actually ‘low’ sodium. You can find broth that only has around 20mg of sodium. I prefer to add salt at my own discretion, and always use sea salt since it has more flavor and less sodium.

Once you add the broth, bring the pot to a boil before testing the flavor and adjusting any seasoning. Cooking, of course, enhances flavor so you can’t really tell what it’ll taste like until you get everything boiling along nicely. Once you’ve let it simmer for a few minutes and have the flavor right, serve it up!
Also, try not to eat the caramelized onions on your cheese toast before the soup is done. It tastes amazing, but you’ll be sad if you eat all your onions before your soup is finished.


One Comment on “Onion soup”

  1. Jessica says:

    >I agree wholeheartedly. Toasty bread for the win!

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