>On Sunday morning of our vacation, we woke up around 7, packed up our things and left Boston for good. I was sad because Boston had quickly become a favorite new spot for us and I wouldn’t have minded spending another day there. I was, however, excited to get to NYC and see our dear friend, RaineBo. Yep, real name, not a nickname.

We spent Sunday and Monday in NYC, leaving super-early on Tuesday morning for home. I won’t do a daily recap of NYC because a lot of our time was spent just hanging out with RaineBo which was awesome, but maybe not so interesting as a blog entry.

Our train pulled into Penn Station around 1 or 2 I believe. It had rained the whole way there and the sky in New York was pretty cloudy. For some reason I kept thinking it was Monday but when we got out of the train station at Midtown, I was rudely reminded that it was the weekend and there were people (tourists) everywhere. Yes, technically I was also a tourist. However, I do not come with a pack of children, I don’t cross the street whilst staring at my iPad hoping that Google Maps is not lying to me. We popped a few blocks down to Gray’s Papaya and each had a Recession Special for lunch. We’d had Dunkin Doughnuts at 8 am so we were fairly hungry.

After some ensuing nonsense (the E train, which we needed, was out of service and the V train has been renamed the M train but I didn’t know that) we managed to make it up to Rockefeller Center. We were meeting RaineBo at her work which is also a super cool museum. Because she works at a museum she, and her guests, us, get into all the NY museums for free! Hooray! Unfortunately it had started raining and by the time we walked the blocks to the museum we were completely and totally soaked. Luckily we found RaineBo and we were able to drop off our luggage with her.

I won’t regal you with everything we saw in the museums over our weekend, but I took a lot of pictures and it was fun. We saw things like this.

Once she was done working we headed off towards her house in Brooklyn where we pretty much chilled out for the rest of the night. And where Senor started to feel sicky. This was the beginning of the end. This was the disease that would make him sick for three days and me sick for three days as well, although he never puked and I did. Yuck.

The next day, Senor wasn’t feeling well so we didn’t leave the house until sometime in the afternoon. He was feeling a little better then, so we headed off for the Natural History Museum. If you go there, you should know that it is giant and you will need all day to get through it all. We did not have enough  time, sadly. On the way there, make sure to stop at Crumbs. We had cupcakes that looked like this:

Yeah, that’s right. Amazingness. Most of their cupcakes are stuffed with filling. I had the Grasshopper which was full of fudge, topped with mint creamcheese frosting, drizzled with ganache. Yes. It was superb. I’m planing to surprise Senor with an order of Crumbs for our anniversary next month. He may have been sick earlier but I think picture of Senor shows how fantastic these cupcakes really are. BTW, way better than Magnolia. Sorry.

The Natural History Museum was great and I was really happy to visit the ‘minerals’ room which is a fancy way of saying, ‘gemstones, as far as the eye can see!’ We took a long time in there. And I may have made Senor round back so I could look at the sapphires a second time. They were outstanding. Okay, I’ll show you these pictures because I drool over them every day anyway and who doesn’t love a giant collection of gemstones???

Opals. Did you know they can be orange???!

Stupid diamonds were so blingy I could focus.
The top one is white, the bottom is black.
My favorite diamonds, colored ones. although, I prefer a lighter pink.
Star sapphire the size of my head

Various Semi Precious Gems

Sapphires!!!!! Look at that big clear one. I want it.

Amethysts rock…hahahha

Back to the sapphires for a second visit.

We also saw weird things, like gross creatures coming out of shells, like this:

And I saw this pair of orange and purple shells which of course, immediately made me think of Wee-nieces. Their favorite colors are orange and purple.

The Museum closed at 5 so like good Midwesterners, we headed to dinner at 5:15. There’s a place called Shake Shack just across the street from the museum. We had cheeseburgers and cheese fries and some frozen custard… really was like being in Wisconsin, except it was infinitely cooler than anything in Wisconsin.

The rest of our visit entailed hanging out and getting some drinks in Brooklyn, watching Doctor Who, playing with kitties at the apartment, and packing our stuff. Both of us were, miraculously healthy on the flights (we diverted through Atlanta to Mpls. Thank you Air Tran) and waited to get sick until we got home. Within four hours of landing, I was regretting the sandwich I’d had for lunch. Sad too because it was good. We did have our dachshunds home though and I was thrilled to have soft cuddly puppies to lay by.

So, the story of our 2010 vacation doesn’t end very glamorously at all but such is life. It was a really awesome trip and I really hope we can go back to Boston some day.


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    >Drool… diamonds…

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