Day 4 or The Wedding in Maine


Day four, also known as Saturday was also, most importantly, ‘wedding day.’ This was why we flew to the East Coast after all, so obviously getting to the wedding was task number 1 for the day. We got up at some ungodly hour. I want to say 4:30 am? Got our things together and got on the road. I was pretty impressed with us. We were out of the B&B by 5:30 and we didn’t forget anything. We always forget things. The reason for this is multi-fold. 1 – I make a list but have a hard time and we both pack, but I’m generally in charge of 90% of our stuff. 2 – I’m usually packing late at night after work. 3 – Senor likes to tidy things, so I’ll set out something and he’ll put it back away and I’ll think I packed it. 4 – Senor sometimes thinks I have packed things I haven’t. 5 – I might erroneously check things off the list. For the wedding in South Bend these issue combined to create a perfect storm. We forgot his suit as well as my cardigan. Four years ago we forgot his dress shirt and he had to go to Target while I curled junior bridesmaids’ hair in Milwaukee. He had a broken neck at the time. That was a bad one.

Anyway, we made it out of the house with everything we needed. We met my dear friend, Katie, at the Hertz rental car counter. A word of warning, I have 1000 friends named Katie. For reals, I think there are at least 40 of them on my Facebook list and I played softball with most of them. Katie is my sister’s name. It’s Kiz’s first name. The girl getting married? Kate. The girl we’re driving with? Katie. The girl who got married in St. Paul? Katie. Between Katie and Sarah, I have more friends with one name than I know what to do with. At Kate’s bridal shower we had Sarah L, Sarah O. Sarah K., Sarah G., Katie G. Kate A., Katie I., and two other girls. So, pretty much, people go by nicknames and last names and not a single one of them goes by “Sarah” or “Katie.”  So, this Katie also happens to have several nicknames and my favorite one, by far, is “Sunshine.” She is such a happy, bright, smiling person, it’s almost unbelievable. In college she’d strike out and smile as she ran off the field. “Shucks,” she’d say, as she snapped her fingers. Seriously, she’s a completel doll.

Sunshine was waiting for us at the rental car counter. She’d flown into Boston the night before at 1 am. She decided she would just hang out in the airport until it was time to meet us. So she ‘slept’ in the airport in a chair, in her dress! She is a little bit nutty, but she was determined to get to that wedding. So we picked her up, picked up our car, and headed out of Boston. It was easier than I thought. We had both very good directions and also, a lot of maps. There was zero traffic and we were out of the city in no time. After a quick stop at Dunkin Doughnuts, we were on our way. We actually made it up to Maine in less time than we thought it would be. The ride was especially delightful because Sunshine is quite the entertainment and she was more than excited to hear (and ask questions) about the five other weddings we’d been to. The trip passed in no time and before we knew it, we were in Boothbay Harbor. Now, at this point, we really needed to find a place to get a card (I’d forgotten!), change into my dress, and maybe get another coffee. Boothbay is TINY. And very quaint. And the whole town looks like a grandmother’s living room. Lots of doilies and knick knacks and home made signs and all of the shops are people’s houses. There was a Rite Aid where we bought a card but definitely no Starbucks/McDonald’s kind of place for changing and what not. We ended up going to a small coffee shop that was indeed, in someone’s house. It was okay though because I got changed into my dress and also purchased an adorable stuffed lobster. Said lobster appears in several photos.

Now we were ready to find the parking lot. The parking lot that led to the dock where the boats ferried us to and from the island. The lot was tiny and there was almost no room to park but we managed to finagle our rental car into a spot. We hopped on the boat and were whisked away to the island. The island, in a word, is gorgeous. I think though, it would be a giant pain in the butt to have a wedding there. . .or to build a house there! There are no roads. Everything has to arrive via boat (or maybe helicopter drop?) and then families cart things to their cottages via wheelbarrow or if it’s a big event, golf cart. I cannot imagine the amount of work and coordination it took to get everything for the wedding to the ceremony location and the reception location. At first you think, oh, okay, a golf cart. Then when you think about it you’re like, really? The wedding cakes came in on a golf cart? The giant tent came in on a golf cart? Oy! There are no roads but there is a smooth walking path. We followed the walking path up to the ceremony site.

The ceremony was held in a wooded area with a nicely sized clearing, under an arch of drift wood. The music was provided by a handbell choir and it was a very unique sound for the wedding. The weather was really perfect for the day and the sun was out and everything. Unfortunately, they had us sit down a little too early. We all sat for around 10 minutes before the processional started. In addition to the 20-ish minute ceremony, that meant that 30 minutes spent in direct sunlight at 11ish until 11:40ish in the afternoon and that meant sunburn for Senor, Sunshine, and myself. We were totally fried. I put on a little sunblock afterward in a few places but the damage was done. The sun had been behind us so my face was okay but oh man, was my chest and back fried. It sucked.

That being said, the ceremony was lovely and I really loved the bright yellow flowers and navy bridesmaids dresses. I feel like navy dresses can be dangerous. They run the risk of being boring or matronly (who didn’t have an elementary school teacher who wore a navy jumper?) but the cut was very fun and the flowers really stood out against the blue. Very well done. And the yellow shoes were a nice addition as well. : )

After the ceremony we moved along to a quick cookie and punch reception and also, explored down by the shore. We were able to meet up then with another one of our softball friends, Funta. Yes, it’s a nickname but unlike Sunshine who we mostly call by her last name, Funta is Funta. I’m not sure if I’ve called her by her real name in the past 8 years. I don’t think any of us have. It’s weird to me that her husband uses her real name. Funta, Sunshine and I were all very excited to see one another and enjoy the festivities. After we were done exploring the ocean on that side of the island, we followed the crowd to the reception site which was on the other side.

In order from left to right: Funta, Sunshine and Wee

Let’s go exploring guys!

We see each other once a year, let’s take another photo!

The site was really pretty. We were right off the water and there was an open area with a tent set up, as well as tables that were in the open and blankets and such for relaxing. There were also lawn games set up for us to play. Obviously, a game of croquet ensued. I am bad at croquet. Senor won, although he had some competition from Funta and Sunshine. There were also some dance breaks here and there during the game. I also stepped in a hole in the ground and fell over, which was very classy and ladylike.

Senor was on a mission to find a beer and I was lagging behind,
snapping photos!

That’s me! I was right on the corner. 🙂

Eating his banana taffy

Funta, bringing her A game

Sunshine, busting into a dance

The reception was informal and very relaxed. There was a buffet of food under the tent with a lot of really delicious options. A giant block of cheese, veggies and dip, kabobs with chicken, shrimp, swordfish and veggies, pulled pork sliders, beef patty sliders, some delicious noodles, some fruit, some pasta salad. There was a lot of food and sadly, I did not get to try it all. I did have a lot of cheese though. There were also many, many delicious cakes. I had the carrot cake but I’m still kind of sad I didn’t get to try the white cake with the fruit. Kate, if you read this and you have some frozen somewhere, you should share it with your good friend Wee. I’m just saying. It looked amazing.

Do I get more cheese? Or cake? Mmm, both!

What remained of the cheese after we’d all eaten.

Senor v Lobster
Round 1 – Scared

Senor v Lobster
Round 2 – Hungry

Senor v Lobster
Round 3 – Love!

Sball love

Sometime between 3 and 4 we decided we would head into town and have a few beers before the evening’s activity, a harbor cruise. We were all sunburned and the ladies had every intention of changing out of our dresses and into pants and cardigans (and jackets!) for the cruise. Nothing’s worse than being cold when you have sunburn. That shivering feeling on burnt skin? Ugh!

We headed back into the town, and got lost on the way, but managed to figure it out in the end. We found a bar that had PBRs for $1.25, so we went there. They also had a gumball machine where you could win a free lobster dinner if your gumball had a lobster on it. We bought six gumballs but no lobster dinner, sadly. It was fun to hang out and just relax for a little while before the cruise. Sunshine is a very entertaining personality and I have about 20 pictures from the day of her in silly poses or making goofy faces. I swear, that girl could make a concrete wall smile. After our PBRs we moseyed over to the boat launching area and met up with the rest of the party.

The boat ride toured the harbor although I admit, I was too busy socializing to really absorb the nature around me. There were sandwiches and cookies to munch on which was excellent because we like to eat in this group and it had been 3 whole hours since we’d left the reception. Hee hee hee.

This is what the harbors in Maine look like.

I want this boat. If someone could give it to me.

All in all, the boat ride was pretty relaxed but it gave us all a few more hours to chatter and socialize and in some instances, drink. None for me and Senor though, we had to drive back to Boston afterwards. I confess, I was a terrible copilot on the way home, I fell asleep maybe an hour in. Sunshine wasn’t with us on the ride back so we were far less entertained than we had been on the drive up! Anyway, the cruise was pretty relaxed and a good time for chattering away which I am really good with. I also got to spend a few minutes chatting (and helping!) with the photographer, who is the pretty girl with me in this picture. Luckily we both look presentable enough for it to be Facebook tagged. Hooray! Thanks Senor, for taking our picture so nicely! Unfortunately you can also see my hideous sunburn if you look closely enough. Yikes.

I’ve been addicted to her blog for a while now and you should definitely read it because she’s awesome. I did sort of feel like I was meeting a celebrity at first and was extremely nervous. Luckily, she’s a total doll and we chatted for a while and it was great. FYI, I kind of want to be her. You know, go from taking casual photos that I try to make look artsy to being a real photographer who takes pictures like this:

Photo by Jenna Cole Photography

If you go to her website, you can see all sorts of amazing photos that will make you drool.

The ride back to Boston was long and as stated, I fell asleep and was a terrible copilot. Luckily it was pretty easy to find our way back to Hertz. We caught a cab at the airport and we were back to the B&B around 1 am which was actually pretty good. We packed away our wedding clothes, laid out our ‘train to NY’ clothes and went to bed. Lucky for us, the Back Bay subway station is ALSO an Amtrak station, meaning we had to walk just 5 blocks to get on our train to NY. Such easy living I tell you! So, we got to sleep for more hours than we’d anticipated that night. I won’t lie, it made me pretty happy. Other things that make me happy include weddings on the ocean, excessive giggling and photo shoots with stuffed lobsters.


5 Comments on “Day 4 or The Wedding in Maine”

  1. Jessica says:

    >That wedding is gorgeous. Love blue and yellow together.

  2. Kate says:

    >Sadly, I do not have any cake frozen. We couldn't figure out how to get it back here 😦 We did our best to eat it all but there was STILL some left over when we left…What happened to Sunshine on Saturday night? Please tell me she didn't sleep in a chair somewhere….

  3. Wee says:

    >Hahahaha. Sunshine rode back to B-town with Funta and Mike. They were staying with Funta's uncle. PS I had no idea she was planning to sleep in a chair. It's very Sunshine-esque though isn't it?

  4. Jenna Cole says:

    >Kate just pointed me to this post. Do you think you can email me the high res version of the photo of us? I don't have many photos of me working! Also it makes me laugh because you can see my iphone, which is being stored in my bra, as usual. Kate told me about your engagement. Congrats! XOXOXO

  5. Wee says:

    >Thanks!!!Sure, I can send it to you tonight when I'm home. Work laptop does not have fun pictures on it, sadly. I definitely did not realize that was your phone…good thing it's black!!

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