Boston – Day 2

>Day 2 in Boston was certifiably the most insane of the days. I really don’t know how we managed to pack so much into one day without falling down but we did and I’ve got the 500 pictures to prove it.

At 9 am we were greeted by our hostess with breakfast in our room. It was a damn delicious fruit plate, some pastries and tea, coffee, and juice. I was pretty surprised because you don’t expect to be full on a ‘fruit and pastry’ breakfast but I couldn’t even finish all of my fruit, nor the pastry because it was so yummy and filling. Ah fruit. Delicious. Senor managed to eat all of his fruit but left a little pile of cantaloupe because it’s icky. Oh Senor.

We didn’t actually leave the house until some time around 11 which was okay because we are not really morning people. We do better (at least I do) when we ease into the day. Senor does better when he can be unconscious for at least 12 hours. His demands are not always met on these vacations we take.

The Harbor Cruises leave the Long Wharf dock every hour on the half hour, so when we got there at quarter to twelve, there was a bit of a wait. We could have just stood there and waited (as a lot of people did because when we came back to the dock at 12:15 the queue was gigantic) but instead we thought we’d wander over to the nearby rose gardens. They’re actually the Rose Kennedy Rose Gardens and they were lovely. I took a ton of pictures of the roses and we smelled all the different kinds to see which smelled best. Obviously the tea roses smell the best but Senor didn’t take my word, he had to sniff them himself.  The garden, fountain and grass area were all very scenic and there was a hilarious little bird trying to dig in the dirt which we found entertaining. After pictures and pictures and more pictures, we walked back towards the wharf. A note of caution, if you’re going to use the bathroom before you get on the boat, try using the one inside the Mariott and not the public wharf ones. Unless you don’t mind toilets that may or may not flush. I’m just saying.

A tea rose, the best smelling rose ever

After we got in line the wait for the Harbor Cruise really didn’t take long. I think within 5 minutes or so we were getting on the boat. It was a hot, sunny day so it was the perfect time for a cruise and it was quite nice to have such a good view of the city. Senor and I were on the top deck, enjoying the sunshine and the breeze and I took about a million pictures because that’s what I do.

Halfway through the cruise we docked at the USS Constitution museum so that people could get off or on to visit the ship. The USS Constitution is the oldest ship in the Navy’s fleet and it was built by Paul Revere. Well, not exclusively, but he worked on it. It’s a wooden ship with sails and everything. It’s still technically in use by the Navy but all that means is they take it out for a swim once a year on the 4th of July. Visiting the ship was free but we did have to go through airport-like security to get in which was odd. They have a guided tour but we just wanted to wander around. Sadly you could climb on anything which I really wanted to do but I behaved myself. Senor posed with a canon at my insistence and we contemplated how slippery those shiny wood floors must be when it rains. There were also really attractive Navy personnel on board to answer questions. The Navy has the best-looking folk I think, they all looked like they came off of an advertisement for Martha’s Vineyard. (PS who is Martha anyway? What is it about her vineyard that’s so wonderful? I’ve always wondered.)

By the time we got back on the next harbor cruise and sailed into the Long Wharf it was 2:30 and we were super hungry. Off to have lobsters! Now, Senor had spent the first day of the trip pointing out all the deals on lobsters and all the places that had them for $10 and saying, ‘we should get lobster there!’ In the end I let him choose the place because I didn’t really care. We went to Legal Seafoods which is actually right on the wharf itself, near the Aquarium. I won’t say it was a bad decision, but it maybe could have been better. We sat outside on the patio which was nice but equated to terribly slow service. I really hate when patios do this because you know what? Just because I’m outside doesn’t mean I’m not going to pay for my food here!

We both ordered the lobster bake because it came with clam chowder soup as well as clams and mussels and a cob of corn. And a chorizo which we out of place in my opinion. The waitress seemed to think that was weird…like, too much food? But it was after 2, we hadn’t eaten since our fruit plate at 9, and we both wanted a lobster of our own. We probably could have shared the clams and mussels but oh well. Were we supposed to split a cup of clam chowder too? Weird lady. Anyway, the chowder was good, but not as good as the Black Rose’s. The lobster was DELICIOUS and we both decided we are on team-claw meat. The corn was corn. The mussels and clams? Were FULL of sand. It was disgusting. They give you a bowl of chicken broth to rinse everything off in but this was seriously really bad. I had to take each clam or mussels and swirl it in the broth vigorously and even then, it wasn’t always perfect. I’m pretty sure they just didn’t rinse them! The trash bowls were too small for everything we had, so we had empty shells on our plates and when I put my corn down, it became completely covered in sand so I couldn’t even eat it. There were also a few mussels and clams that weren’t open on our plates. Senor didn’t know you’re not supposed to eat those ones so he cracked them open with his lobster cracker. Oy. He was fine but why would they even put those on your plate?! In the end, our lunch ended up being about $40 a person. Not too bad for lobster, mussels, clams and chowder but I think we could have gotten better food for less nearby. Ah well. What’s done is done friends!

After lunch we bustled over to the New England Aquarium which was adjacent to the Long Wharf. The aquarium was really fun as I have a distinct fondness for sea life and one of my many (MANY) stipulations for our wedding is that I will be able to swim with sea turtles at some point. Don’t worry, it’ll happen. We did indeed meet two sea turtles, one of whom was massive (600lbs!) and incredibly lazy. The other one was quite the little swimmer and he was pretty fun. There are a lot of creepy looking fish there, as well as adorable penguins and harbor seals and such. I wanted to hug them all, but especially the sea turtles. I feel like they wouldn’t mind being hugged. Or maybe just that they would succumb to being hugged because they’re slow and patient?

Do starfish eat cooked shrimp when they’re in the wild?
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The active turtle

There’s a lot to see at the aquarium but at the same time, it’s not very big and we were able to see everything pretty quickly. When we left there was still plenty of time for walking about and such. We knew Boston was pretty compact so we figured we’d spend the afternoon walking back to our B & B. It was about a two-mile walk, but keep in mind we’d spent the whole day walking around already! It was still a pretty nice walk. Not far from the wharf is Boston Common which is a big, pretty park in the middle of the city. Those crazy East-Coasters, always having parks in the city instead of just living amongst the wilderness! (Okay, to be fair, I live in the city with no wilderness at all and across the street from a park so there you go.)

The oldest Boston cemetary

The Common was nice and there was a lovely fountain but it was definitely the sort of place where you were just supposed to chill out so we ended up walking through it pretty quickly. Luckily the public garden is right across the street from the common and it’s gorgeous. Poor Senor, probably got bored with all the pictures I was taking but this place was amazing and wonderful. There were flowers and ponds and swans and weeping willows and pretty much every good thing you can expect out of garden including a stone bridge! They were, unfortunately, shooting a movie scene at the prettiest point and the stupid screen and camera got in my shot but what can you do? Crop ‘em out!

After the garden we crossed onto Newbury Street which is where all of the high-end shops are located. It is also where a dress company has a showroom and desperately wanted to see if they had a storefront window so I could ogle the dresses but they did not. They’re the upstairs suite in a building so it was probably YSTL downstairs and Aria upstairs. I’m sure when the time comes for such a thing I will gush about their dresses but let’s just say I can have an eyelet cotton ballgown (dreamy!) with POCKETS for less than $200. For reals. Don’t think that won’t happen some day because it most certainly will.

Newbury was fun to walk down and gawk at sort of like 5th Avenue, but with a quaint, old-city, small town feel to it. Luckily, the corner of Newbury and Dartmouth is a block away from Copley and as you know, Copley was very close to where we were staying! After getting some free Pringles (they were handing them out on the corner) and buying some water we headed home. It was already after six and we’d spent most of the day walking so our feet needed a break.

The best thing about our B & B besides our hilarious hostess and her three cuddly kitties was that we had a king sized bed! We do not have such a luxury at our house so it was pretty exciting. Too bad there were no dachshunds with us to see how spacious we might someday be living. It was pretty nice though, and very convenient for watching 30 Rock on the macbook. Put it at the end of the bed and it’s like a little TV on your footboard.

We wandered back up Dartmouth towards Copley for dinner and decided on a cute bar/pub that wasn’t too crowded. We actually hung out there for a few hours, watching the baseball game and drinking Magners. For dinner we split some crabcakes which were delicious. I had lobster mac and cheese which was SO rich and soooo delicious. There’s no way I could have eaten it all so I shoveled many forkfuls onto Senor’s plate. Senor had a chicken/creamy/pasta thing that looked and tasted yummy, but not as yummy as my lobster mac and cheese! There were big chunks of claw meat which clearly, I enjoy immensely. After our good food there at Brookstone we both agreed we should have tried their $10.99 lobster special instead of eating at Legal Seafoods, but we were not in the Back Bay neighborhood at lunch time and clearly it was too late to go back and redo our afternoon eating endeavors. Oh well!

That night we turned in around 11 or midnight. It wasn’t terribly late but not exactly early either. We still had a full day ahead of us as well, as I had not seen Trinity OR the library yet, and we had to eat at Regina’s too and, of course, get all packed up and ready for the drive to Maine on Saturday morning. Yikes! So much to do!


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    >Yay, team claw meat!

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