Lady Gaga

>Okay, so I have a post for Day 2 – Boston coming up shortly (hopefully tonight) but it is LONG because it was a LONG day so it’s taken me a LONG time to write it. I think it’s good so you should still read it and trust me, some of the pictures are awesome (if I do say so myself) but I needed a quick break from that lengthy post and thought I’d post about my most recent hero/crush. Lady Gaga.

Gaga was in the Twin Cities this week and back in April when the tickets went on sale, I secured a pair for my friend, Kiz, and myself. Then my mom decided she wanted to come too! So when a second date went on sale, we bought three tickets and we got really, really great seats. We were in the club level so, between upper deck and lower deck, in Row 1, seats 1, 2 and 3. I.e. NO ONE IN FRONT OF US! It was like being on a balcony at the opera, amazing. We could have stood to be a little closer to the stage, but never having someone else’s head in my way of the show the entire time? Bliss I have never known! I’m 5’4″ so my view is often blocked by people and I hate, hate, hate going to standing room only concerts. Seriously, those things are the worst. Anyway, it was really nice because we were actually able to watch the concert sitting down…Kiz is not much for dancing and neither is my mom. I would have danced but didn’t feel like being the only one! I had a dance party in my living room last night to make up for it.

The show was amazing. Absolutely amazing. She’s so talented, so beautiful, and so wonderfully weird and freaky. How she dances and sings the way she does is amazing to me but you can tell it’s not lip-syncing which is really, really refreshing from a pop star. She also plays the keyboard and piano in numerous songs which I don’t think most pop stars could do if they tried. At one point she was playing the piano with two hands AND the stiletto from her high-heeled boot. Seriously, it was amazing. She mentioned towards the end of her concert that she’d always play an instrument, never lip sync, and would always write all of her own songs herself. I knew she wrote music but I didn’t realize how prolific she is as a song writer. I read in an article that she previously wrote songs for Fergie as well as others before she became a solo artist. All of those Fergie songs that I thought were very catchy back in 2007 were most likely the work of Lady Gaga.

She really is a cool person. I really like her messages of tolerance and how much she reaches out to the LGBT community and works to eradicate homelessness, etc. I think she’s just a decent human. It’s glaringly obvious as well that she was teased throughout adolescence for being weird and she relates to people on a very basic level…well, all of us who were not the homecoming queen and didn’t have, like the best time ever, in high school. (I didn’t actually have a bad time but you know what I mean.)

My dad was kind enough to drive us to and from the concert and when he picked us up afterwards, he asked my mom what’s the best concert she’s ever been to was. Mom responded instantly with, “OMG this one!” Poor Dad, he does not love the Gaga and was probably hoping she’d say, “Oh, Garth Brooks?” Hahaha. No such luck. My mom was singing Bad Romance (with the wrong lyrics) all the way home and promptly bought her CD the next day. She also ordered concert shirts online so she could get the right size and I would be surprised if she didn’t stay up until the wee hours watching Gaga videos online.

The show was really great and the people watching was FANTASTIC. One thing I will say though, I don’t understand why a certain breed of girl thinks a concert (in a hockey arena) is a good excuse to dress like a high-class hooker. I can’t even tell you how many LBDs I saw and how many of them barely covered private parts. Oh, and the giant, giant heels! Really? You’re sitting in a hockey arena, with a reserved seat on a Tuesday night. I understand if you want to pay homage to Gaga, but maybe you should save those for the club this weekend. Anyway. I was a much bigger fan of the girls with soda cans in their hair, the boys with platform boots and anyone wearing sparkly, reflective clothing of any kind. Hilarious.

Gaga, thumbs up lady. And PS I knew you would end up going to a grungy-but-trendy club after. I should have guessed the Turf Club!


2 Comments on “Lady Gaga”

  1. Jessica says:

    >Hahaha your mom sounds awesome!

  2. Wee says:

    >She's pretty crazy and I'm totally turning into her!

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