Boston – Day 1

>When Senor and I travel we don’t usually take ‘relaxing’ vacations. We usually jam pack as much adventure into every day as we can. Boston was no different. Looking through our 1000+ pictures (for real) I am realizing we might actually be insane. In three days we managed to fly into Boston, have lunch at a local burger place and find the subway nearest us, take a trolly tour, walk through Quincy Market, visit the Long Wharf, have dinner at a pub near the waterfront, take a harbor cruise, visit the USS Constitution, have a lobster bake lunch on the wharf, visit the aquarium, walk the two miles from the aquarium back to our B&B through the Boston Commons and the Public Garden, walked down Newbury Street, had dinner at a pub near our B&B, visited Trinity, visited the Boston Library and caught a free concert in the courtyard, walked through the farmer’s market at Copley Square, ate pizza at Regina’s, walked the campus at Harvard and had ice cream in Cambridge, ate dinner at the local burger place (it was really good AND cheap) and still managed to pack and get ready to leave at 5 am on Saturday morning for the wedding. I’m sort of tired just thinking about it. The stomach flu I’m recovering from probably isn’t helping that situation any.

So, we flew into Boston on Wednesday morning. Our flight left Minneapolis at 6 am, or, in other words, ungodly early. We got into Boston by 10:30 though which was really nice. We had almost a whole day to explore the city. After we got to our B&B and met our hilarious hostess we planned out our day. Our B&B was in the South End of Boston, just a few blocks away from Copley Square and the Back Bay subway station. It was a really beautiful neighborhood. Lots of row houses and brownstones and cobblestone sidewalks and little parks that seemed impromptu but had lots of children playing about.

Our street in the south end

The adorable front door!


The park next door to our B & B

Once we set out, we walked towards Copley and got lunch at B.Good, a burger place a lot like Chipotle. You ordered a burger/chicken/veggie patty and a ‘style’ and they make it right in front of you. They were really delicious and cheap and it made me really happy because they had pictures of the farmers that grow/raise their food on the wall. I love stuff like that and knowing where my food is coming from. We were both really happy with our first, under $20 meal in Boston.

My chicken sandwich at B.Good, with sweet potato fries!

After lunch it was time to see the city! We hopped on the trolley tour and saw all the sites and got oriented to the city. Getting on the trolley was a bit of an issue. Three different tours operate in the city and the one we were trying to get on was supposed to have a ticket counter at a hotel near Copley. They did, but let’s just say neither one of us thought to look in the Marriot’s parking garage. Their website was also pretty outdated so none of the information was acutally accurate. It would have been easier if we’d just taken the subway into the downtown area and bought our tickets at the first stop. Alas, we did things the hard way. We managed to get our hands on tickets by going into the fanciest hotel off Copley and asking the concierge for tickets. They were very helpful and Senor decided that when the service person is male, I will need to converse with them from now on. Apparently they’re ‘nicer’ to me. Hahaha.

Anyway, the trolley tour was great because we were able to see things like Fenway, which we wanted to see but didn’t have time to tour (or the money to go to a game, etc.) We saw the city over all and we hopped out at the ‘first’ stop near the Long Wharf and Quincy Market.
Quincy Market reminds me a lot of European shopping markets. It’s covered, but it’s really outdoor and the stores have doors on each side of the wall. There were a lot of shops but we just walked around, used the restrooms and bought an ice cream cone from a crabby adolescent. There was a giant ‘sculpture’ in the market….a bright orange macaroni noodle. I’m not sure what that was about but people seemed to like it. We also wandered down the Long Wharf and found out where we would be catching our free harbor cruise the next day. It was very scenic and I think there’s definitely something to be said about living in a city with a waterfront.

don’t mind the tea partiers out front!

Enjoying the Wharf!

We took the trolley back to Copley and walked back to our B&B so we could rest up a bit before dinner and drinks. It had already been a pretty long day after all. We watched some instant netflix on our macbook, Karl and relaxed for a bit. Then we popped back up to the subway station and rode into the same neighborhood as the Long Wharf and Quincy Market. We had dinner at the Black Rose, which was a place that Wee-sister had told us to go. It was a cute little Irish pub, although, for being Irish, they had VERY little Irish beer. Guinness and Magners. That’s it. Don’t get me wrong, they’re both fantastic but I was a little disappointed in the long list of American beers when both our bartender and our waitress had an Irish accent. Hmph. Luckily the food was delicious (and I love me some Magners so it was fine really) and there was free wifi available so we could keep up-to-date on the Twins game via my iPod touch. We also saw the Red Sox lose, which was pretty entertaining. We each had the lobster roll which came with a cup of clam chowder. The clam chowder was the best we had. It was SO good. The lobster roll was yummy but I think I’m the kind of girl who likes her lobster straight-up. No need for mayo and bread. It had some good chunks of claw meat though and was totally worth the effort of chewing. We also had mussels as an appetizer….steamed in garlic butter and Sam Adams. They were DELICIOUS. Black Rose? Two thumbs up.

Sadly at this point Senor started to tire. I had drunk two whole bottles of Magners (the big ones!!) and was pretty tipsy so we headed home for the evening, planning to get a good night’s rest before our busy second day. It was, in fact, insanely busy so it’s a good thing we went home when we did.


2 Comments on “Boston – Day 1”

  1. Jessica says:

    >GO SOX!! That lobster roll looks delicious… I'm so jealous!

  2. Wee says:

    >Oh man, the food in Boston was outrageous. SO GOOD. I'm kind of sad I couldn't just eat for three days straight.

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