>We’re off to Boston tomorrow on our largest/longest adventure of 2010. Our plane leaves at 6:00 am so you may wonder why I’m still awak at 10:30 and the answer is, I just finished packing. Be proud of me though, I have EVERYTHING packed and it all fits in one carry on for me and one for Senor. (Senor’s isn’t shut yet, but mine is. Ha!) I didn’t even have to resort to using my giant briefcase/laptop bag as a ‘purse’ either!

We’re spending Wednesday, Thursday and Friday sight-seeing in Boston. On Saturday we’re driving up to K’s wedding on a remote island off the coast of Maine. Senor has never been to the ocean so I hope it’s as beautiful as he expects!

After the wedding we’re driving back down to Boston for the night, then hopping on the Amtrak and heading over to NYC where we get to stay with a dear friend and just hang out for a few days. On Tuesday we’ll be catching another 6:00 am plane (why do I do this to myself?) and coming back to good old Minneapolis.

I am doubtful that I will be doing much blogging whilst on holiday but we shall see. Our trusty Macbook Karl will be accompanying us and sometimes Senor sleeps longer than I want him to. In this situation, blogging is a very good distraction. I cannot wait to see Boston, and of course, eat Boston food. Whoohoo!


3 Comments on “Boston!”

  1. Jessica says:

    >I'm jealous! My family is from Martha's Vineyard and are hugggeeee Red Sox fan and yet, I've never been! Have fun!

  2. Jenna says:

    >It was so nice meeting you this weekend! If that picture of me was awful promise you'll keep it to yourself, okay? 🙂 I would have taken one with you but I'm just so dang tired by the end of a wedding I forget such things!

  3. Wee says:

    >It was nice to meet you too! It's a really cute picture, although we do look a little punchy if you know what I mean. It was late! I'll post it on FB and you can judge for yourself (I won't even tag you!)I can't wait to see the pictures, I'm sure they're amazing. I think you're really good at what you're doing. 🙂

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