Big Salad – Part II


I love cooking, love new recipes, love making things up from scratch. I like having a night of cooking where I don’t have to think about what to make, ever. I make up our menus for the week each weekend when we go shopping and every Wednesday we pretty much eat the same thing from April until November. Big salad. Oh big salad. It’s so delicious and simple and amazing. Pretty much, cook some chicken, toss with lettuce and a bunch of other ingredients. Done. The last big salad recipe was more or less our fall back, made primarily with ingredients from the store.

Best carrot ever, affectionately name, ‘alien baby.’

Tonight’s big salad came primarily from the Wee Garden! We harvested red onions, beets and carrots tonight to put in our salad. Also tossed in the mix was some goat cheese, golden raisins and of course, chicken breast.

I feel like “Big Salad” is a really good dinner for when you’re really hungry but you only want to eat healthy food. (some would say cheese is not healthy but I disagree.) It takes a long time to eat a huge flipping salad so you can shove your face for a while and be satisfied with all the chewing going on. Tonight’s salad, even with 1.6 oz of goat cheese, two servings of dressing (Newman’s Own Light Honey Mustard) and a whole chicken breast was under 600 calories but had almost 60 grams of protein. Obviously too much salad can be boring which is why we have it once a week and not every day, twice a day like I did back in college. Yum.


One Comment on “Big Salad – Part II”

  1. Jessica says:

    >I agree! If your going to eat a pile of veggies, a few oz of cheese ain't gonna hurt! 🙂

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