The Wedding in Minnetrista


Minnetrista, I learned, is an outer ring suburb of Minneapolis. It’s just west of the suburbs and the ever-popular Lake Minnetonka. Lake Minnetonka is a huge, well-loved lake in the city of Minnetonka where many, many wealthy people live. (Both Minnetonka Moccasins and Tonka Trucks come from here.) If you keep driving past the lake you will eventually come to Minnetrista where you will find an adorable organic farm called Gale Woods Farm. This farm was the location for my friend and teammate, C’s wedding.

The outdoor ceremony site, covered in hail

C and D dated all through college and were another ‘super-couple’ within the Mac Athletics department. We knew their wedding would be a lot of fun and would involve a lot of our friends. What we didn’t know was that it would be quite the unplanned adventure.

July in Minnesota is hot and humid and sometimes, stormy. The day of C’s wedding just happened to be both of those things. The farm sits scenically overlooking White Tail Lake and the outdoor ceremony was set up so that the lake would be directly behind the bride and groom. Unfortunately their beautiful outdoor ceremony was not to be. A storm rolled through exactly when the ceremony should have started. The barn where the reception took place suddenly became the location for the ceremony as well. The bride, ever calm, was milling about with the rest of us while we watched a hail storm dump golf-ball sized hail onto the barn, and our cars.

After the hail stopped there was a reprieve in the storm and D and C got married at the front of the barn. C is very stylish and also likes to be unique. Her wedding party walked down the aisle to an instrumental version of U2’s “All I Want is You.” The brides gown was a simple and elegant v-neck sheath. The bridesmaids wore cornflower blue dresses while the groomsmen wore suits.

The country themed wedding incorporated wildflower bouquets and centerpieces and place settings that gave a homey feel. Instead of using china to set all of the tables identically, each seat had a different antique plate. The bride and her mother had collected antique plates all year in order to have enough for the wedding. I confess, I sat at the spot where my favorite plate was!

Dinner was served as a buffet but not just any buffet. This buffet incorporated a pig roast! It was, I admit, some of the best pork I’ve ever tasted and what says love more than a pig roasting over coals with the bride and grooms name written in sharpie inside a heart? Nothing, I’m sure.

Cake and drinks and dancing rounded out the night but not before a second storm (and tornado) came through and we were forced to close up the barn doors once again! Luckily the storm passed quickly enough and we were soon back to dancing and drinking with the evening air to cool us off. This wedding was unique and fun and unlike any other I’d ever been to (and that’s saying a lot, trust me). The bride is an amazing woman who is incredibly well-organized and intelligent. . .and she looks like a movie star. Her wedding will definitely stand out in my mind for years.


One Comment on “The Wedding in Minnetrista”

  1. Jessica says:

    >Found you! Spreading love from the Hive! 😉 I love the idea of using antique plates and that cake is gorgeous. I'm not a fan of fondant so that looks awesome to me.

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