Bruschetta with Chicken Sausage

>Tonight’s dinner was made out of necessity. My tomatoes were getting wrinkly and squishy! Also, I wanted something fast because we didn’t get home until 8:30 and no one wants to eat at 10 unless you’re staying up until 2 which we are not as it is a Monday night and I should probably be in bed already.

Anyway. I thought Bruschetta would be a nice way to incorporate the tomatoes. Also, we’ve had gourmet chicken sausages in our freezer for months and I realized, “Bruschetta could have meat in it!” I really like chicken sausages but my parents kindly bought us two giant packages of them last winter and I’m pretty sure it will take us a full twelve months to get through them all. Tonight’s dinner only needed one. Oh well.

I used English Muffin bread from Breadsmith as the base because to be honest, it’s perfect for just about everything. My grandmother used to get English Muffin bread exclusively for herself and I’ve realized recently why. It’s AMAZING and the stuff from Breadsmith only had 90 calories a slice. Read: 10 more calories than your most basic store bread that tastes like crap.

After microwaving and chopping one chicken sausage, I added diced tomato, onion and basil to the mix along with two ounces of shredded mozzarella and two tablespoons of olive oil. A dash of garlic and pepper, mixed together and toasted on top of bread and you’re done! We had our Bruschetta with sauteed garlic green beans. Yummy!

One batch of Bruschetta topping:

1 chicken sausage
1 medium tomato
.25 cup diced red onion
fresh chopped basil (as much as you want!)
2 oz shredded mozarella
2 tbls olive oil

Split the topping onto 4 slices of bread. 90 calorie bread with the topping is 150 calories per slice and is incredibly filling, I promise. Toast and chomp. I’m actually pretty proud of this one. It’s super fast and easy and healthy and delicious.


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