The Wedding in Keister

>In April we headed down to Keister, Minnesota or, “the Bottom of Minnesota” for the wedding of two adorable people. C has been my catcher (I was a pitcher) since my freshman year at Mac. She’s the sweet kind of Minnesota girl who hums “Jesus Loves Me” while taking practice swings or working on blocking the ball. She and P have been together since their freshman year at Mac, although if you ask C she only started dating him senior year.

C and P are a funny couple. P is a sweetheart who should have a brood of children. C should also have a brood of children but she has a stubborn, independent streak. When P proposed, she waited 45 minutes before finally admitting that she had to say yes. The next morning she tried to worm out of it and P told her, “no takebacks.” Yes, they might be 12. Or 28. One or the other.

C grew up in Keister which is a town as adorable as she is. Their save-the-date cards pictured a snow-covered barn and a man in flannel. Their invitation listed ‘Minnesota Chicken’ as an entrée choice and we both knew precisely what that meant. Chicken stuffed with wild rice and cranberry stuffing! Delicious and a no-brainer.

The wedding ceremony was in C’s childhood church in Keister where her parents were married before her. She had a vintage-style dress that was completely her style while the groomsmen wore suits and the bridesmaids each had a unique gown. Their ceremony was short and sweet as Lutheran ceremonies often are, and included at trumpet solo based on the groom’s musical talents.

The reception was held at a golf course banquet room in a nearby small town. C and P provided a free shuttle from our hotels to the reception site, although the shuttle was late and we only made it just in time for the end of the cocktail hour! Dinner was definitely a wild-rice and cranberry stuffed chicken and it was huge! The piece of chicken took up at least half my plate and was the size of a small football. The cake was a traditional Swedish cake, made of many rings, stacked into a tower. The cake is flavored with almond and each table received a ring to ‘break’ together.

After dinner and cake, the dancing began with performances by two live bands. This wedding was of two Macalester graduates, so most of the friends invited to the wedding were all friends themselves. Needless to say, the shuttle back to the hotel at midnight was packed with a bus load of drunken friends, sharing bottles of wine and singing at random.

My favorite part of the entire weekend was our hotel room. That’s not to say the wedding wasn’t awesome and beautiful, but our room rocked. Because we were in a small town the rates were pretty cheap to begin with. We decided this was the ideal time to get a hotel room with a Jacuzzi! I am, above all things, a Pisces through and through. I was on the swim team. I love lakes, rivers, oceans, waterfalls, you name it. And baths. I love baths. My bathtub sucks and it pains me to have such subpar bathing available. In less than 24 hours I took four baths in our en-suite Jacuzzi! The best one being, of course, that night after the wedding. Senor had drunk too much wine so after while he snoozed I put our laptop on the tile ledge and let myself float and facebook and shop online for well over an hour. It was perfect. There was a ledge for my laptop, I could see the flat-screen TV, I was surrounded by mirrors so I could be vain and admire my face (and make sure I got all of my mascara off) and I could soak, float, wash, splash, etc. for ages. I highly recommend small-town weddings where your guests can stay in cheap, fancy hotel rooms. A+!

PS Sorry about the lack of photos. We were seated in a poor location for photo ops at the wedding and we got to the reception just as it started. The next wedding has some awesome pictures though!


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