Huevos Rancheros


Huevos Rancheros are another staple at Wee House, whether for breakfast (brunch) or dinner. They’re really easy to make and are pretty healthy for how delicious they are. Lately I’ve been making a lot of recipes with black beans which I buy dry and soak/cook in bulk, then freeze. The black beans in this recipe came straight out of the freezer. One minute in the microwave and they’re ready to be added to your meal. 
Although some places use peppers, onions, and scrambled eggs for their huevos rancheros, I stick to a purist approach. Tortilla, cheese, beans, eggs (over easy), topped with pico and greek yogurt. We’re all out of salsa at the moment and since we won’t be canning any until September, I’ve been making batches of pico for our salsa-needs. 
Finally, always top your huevos rancheros with hot sauce. Pretty much, top everything with hot sauce. YUM. 
I think Mark Bittman has a recipe for this too, but I’ve never followed it. Add and subtract whatever you’d like to the recipe. It’s one of those meals where you can pretty much do whatever you want and not screw it up. Don’t try making it at a house with no tomatoes, salsa, or hot sauce though. It will suck. 


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