>Gangchen Bar and Restaurant is across the street from my house. At least once a week we’re down wind from the kitchens and we smell the delicious garlicky-ness that is dinner from Gangchen.

The great thing about living in the city a block off Eat Street is all the instant and late-night food options. Not that we really eat take out at 3 am, but it’s nice to know that it’s there. Tonight was a busy night and dinner couldn’t happen until after 9. Needless to say, I didn’t feel like whipping up dinner (although I did whip up a cheesecake after dinner, more details to come!) and decided we should opt for take out.

Gangchen is a Tibetan restaurant although most of the food is just a variety of typical Asian food. My favorites are the Pad Thai and the Vietnamese Basil Beef. Senor’s favorites are the Garlic Lover’s Beef and the Vietnamese Basil Beef. Gangchen is super fast and also, super cheap. Our dinner was $25 and the amount of food we got was incredible. This was really good because we’d just come from the gym and the grocery store and we were both ready to start chewing on our fists.

This isn’t just great take out, it’s AMAZING take out. You can eat in the restaurant as well if you fancy. Our dinner consisted of the Basil Beef, Cranberry Curry Rangoon, and Chicken Pad Thai.

I’ve made Pad Thai several times and I have to admit, it’s not worth the effort. I can buy a giant vat of it across the street and it’s the most delicious thing ever. Real pad thai has so many ingredients and you never quite master the ratio of sauces to the right flavor and texture. Maybe day I’ll figure out but until then I’m probably just going to keep buying it at Gangchen. Did I mention they’re open until 3 am on weekdays?


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