The Great Garlic Harvest

>Last year we planted garlic cloves in my mom’s garden. My mother’s garden is HUGE. They live in the suburbs and have a crazy big yard with hundreds of plants. We planted the cloves at the end of the garden last in May and thought they would be done by the fall. That was incorrect. Since we live in a cold place garlic has to be planted and left in the ground over the winter. In some places garlic can be put in the ground in early spring and the season is long enough that it’ll mature and be ready for harvest by the end of fall. This works in California. Not so much in Minnesota.

In Minnesota garlic is more like tulips. Plant them in the fall and they’ll come up in the spring. Around the first of August, they’ll be ready to harvest. Luckily those garlic cloves that we planted in May of 2009 managed to hang on all of last summer and then came up this spring. I don’t what kind we used or whether or not they’re intended for cold climate winters. They came from Home Depot and they only had one kind to choose from. The flavor is very strong and delicious so I’m sure we’ll use them up very well.

This fall I’m planning on ordering garlic and planting again in parents’ garden for next year. I’m not sure what variety to get but I think something from Seed Saver’s Exchange will suit me well. There are a lot of different options so I might do a sampler as well.

If you come to my house for dinner in the next few months there’s a good chance you’ll be served something garlicky.


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