Beer Can Chicken

>The weather in Minnesota was lovely today so beer can chicken was on the menu for dinner. Woo hoo!

Chicken and corn off the grill with sauteed garlic green beans.

Last week at the farmer’s market I bought a whole chicken from the farmer who I buy eggs from every week. He told me it was a special kind of chicken that they offer in summers, perfect for grilling. I’m sure I wouldn’t have noticed if had been just a regular roaster compared to the special chicken. The only weird thing about this chicken was that its neck was attached. A little weird, no big deal, I just sawed it off.

Senor, excited about the promise of chicken.

We made beer can chicken two summers ago on the gas grill out on our ‘patio’ which was really nice. Unfortunately our new management company hasn’t put any gas in the grill for the last two years. (Nice huh? They did raise the monthly fee $50 and changed the locks. Awesome.) The first thing you should know about grilling beer can chicken is that it will not be a quick endeavor. However, it is totally worth the wait so have a snack, and some beers, and hang out while it cooks.

When the chicken was 20 degrees from being done, we added the corn.

We have a very fancy can holder that makes it easier to balance and move the chicken on and off the grill. This was super helpful because we ended up using two batches of charcoal. We have a chimney lighter to start our coals so we simply started a second batch on the concrete in the chimney starter and when they were hot, added them to the grill. Being able to remove the chicken and the can of beer easily without any spilling or burning was pretty helpful. I’m not sure if you could get away with cooking a whole chicken on just one batch of charcoal unless you had a really big grill.

Chicken and corn, grilled to perfection.

Usually when I make chicken I will brine or marinate. However, beer can chicken is pretty much perfect all on its own so no need to brine and marinate. The beer steams the meat from the inside while the coals make the skin crispy and delicious. The end product is juicy delicious chicken. Once the chicken was mostly done, we added the corn, which we had soaked in water for an hour before cooking. After about 30 minutes the chicken and corn were both done.

The chicken was so good, I won’t lie, we ate it all. The whole chicken only yielded around 14 ounces of meat but it was so gooooooood. The corn and beans also came from the Farmer’s market which is why we had six ears. They were both extra delicious, especially once covered in garlic. Yum!

Grilling night is always a good night.


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