>Garden Pests

>Something, rather, somethings are decimating my garden. Bugs are eating my tomato leaves and one of my tomatoes. Rodents destroyed my green beans. Some of my bean plants were already six feet tall and now they’re all dead. All of them. Half of my beats have been destroyed as well. I saw a mouse in my garden a few weeks ago and now I think there must be a nest (ew) of rodents somewhere close by. My garden is very close to the compost bin and I’m thinking the rodents are coming from there. This is so disappointing.

Tomato leaf, consumed by some sort of bug.

I went to a local nursery this afternoon and picked up rodent repellant. It’s made with dried blood, putrid dried egg whites and garlic oil. Sounds delicious right? It is STINKY. I’m really hoping it works. I sprinkled it in the dirt around the perimeter of the garden. I sprinkled it on top of the railroad ties that border our garden. I sprinkled it on the ground around the outside of the garden on the ground. I sprinkled it in the long grass between the garden and the compost bin. We replanted our beans, peas, lettuce and cilantro.

Tomorrow we’re going back and we’re spraying the tomatoes and everything else with insecticidal soap. It’s not made with chemical so it’s allowed. We’re also putting up nylon fencing all around the garden. We didn’t want to do it because it makes getting to our plants pretty difficult but I can’t handle losing all of my veggies again.

In happier news, my marigolds are blooming, all of my pepper plants have fruit and the carrots and parsnips are doing very well. And below a busy bee is pollenating my oregano.

Stupid freaking bugs and rodents. My plot is 10×4, could you please not destroy my things? I could cry.


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