>Friday Night Dinner

> The plan for tonight’s dinner was a beer-can chicken with roasted corn and sauteed green beans. It didn’t happen for a few reasons, the most important of which was the weather. It’s hard to effectively grill when it’s raining or threatening to rain. We decided to buy a dinner instead of making one. Luckily Senor works near a Lunds (a higher-end grocery) and they have some pretty delicious pre-made sandwiches. They just started adding nutrition labels to all their store brands which is awesome. I probably would have bought the turkey BLT wrap but when I looked at the label, it had 1170 calories. In other words, way to freaking many for something that isn’t deep fried or made completely of cheese. Instead we had a turkey BLT on foccacia for 370 calories. I’m not sure how the sandwich (which was huge) could be so much healthier than the wrap but there you are.

Lunds also has some pretty delicious cheeses so I splurged and bought three. A goat milk cheese, a semi-soft French cheese and a cheddar with caramelized onions. Paired with red grapes, red wine and pita chips, it was a really yummy dinner. Not super healthy but I was really hungry after coming from the gym and running errands all day. It’s a good night to sit back with some fancy wine and cheese.

Beer can chicken will happen tomorrow night, weather permitting.


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