>The Wedding in South Bend

>AK got married in South Bend, at Notre Dame this past March. Her husband, J, had attended undergraduate school there where he met and befriended AK’s best-friend, KK. AK met J when she was in graduate school in Michigan and when they finally started dating, we all knew he must be the one. AK is another of my wonderful teammates from Mac. Mac sballers tend to be independent, opinionated women with a lot of ambition and a great love of food. AK is no different. An exceptionally bright girl with a lot of success in her life, she once convinced eight of us to drive to Chicago at 10:00 at night (arriving at 5 am the next morning) in order to eat a burrito. This was decided approximately one hour after we’d finished a spaghetti dinner! We all piled into two cars and drove through the middle of the night. We slept on AK’s parents’ sofas and in the day light, spent the day skipping about Chicago. We secured our burritos. .  .and a few pizzas for the next day, and drove back home. We drove 12 hours for food. I think it says a lot about us.

AK is a dear friend and one of my favorite people. Her bachlorette party was on my birthday in NYC and Senor, amazing man that he is, bought me a plane ticket to join in the festivities. There are few people who I’d fly to NYC for, for just 24 hours! AK’s family is Catholic and since J had attended Notre Dame it made sense to have the wedding at the cathedral there. The cathedral is, in fact, breathtaking. Unfortunately when you marry at Notre Dame you don’t really get to pick your date. You call in on January 3rd at 8:00 am and whatever they have to offer, you take. A wedding in the Midwest in March? Well there’s nothing for it but hope for good weather! Unfortunately it was cold and rainy. Luckily the wedding was inside though, so it really didn’t matter!

The one real mishap? Somehow we forgot Senor’s suit! He took a cab to Target that morning to buy a pair of dress slacks. I had also forgotten my cardigan so he bought one of those as well. Eek! I maintain that my packing deficiencies were caused by a great fear of the tiny plane we were flying in. 14 rows? Four seats across? Death trap! Where is my airbus????

In any case, we made it and in one piece. The Mass was long, as most Masses are, and very pretty. It seems to be common amongst Catholic priests to forget people’s names though and interchange them with other, random names. I’m not sure why this is but I’ve encountered such madness more than once. After crying profusely into my hanky and trying to get as many pictures as I could, we dashed off to the reception. The reception was actually across the street from the hotel so we were able to walk home that night.

AK had a lovely, lace covered gown that was a-line, strapless, with a small train that she left down all evening. Although she had a veil at the ceremony, she swapped it out for a feather for the reception. The groomsmen wore tuxes and the bridesmaids wore plum v-neck gowns. The flowers were bright and colorful. The reception hall was gorgeous and included both a balcony and a chandelier. Cocktail hour started off with a bang and drinks and appetizers. Dinner included a soup, salad, and main entrée. Again, Senor and I had the beef and it was a tasty cut of steak that melted right in your mouth. The cake was delicious and in case you hadn’t noticed, I’m not too hard to please when it comes to food and dessert!

For as long as I’ve known her, AK has been obsessed with music and singing. She was the girl that sang in the locker room and the living room and the car, no matter what. During graduate school she learned how to play the guitar and started writing, and singing, her own music in local bar. There was never any doubt that she would have a detailed play list for her wedding that did not include any of the lame, typical wedding songs but plenty of excellent dancing music. Every time I thought we could take a break from the dancing, we ended up running back out onto the floor because the song playing just couldn’t be passed up.

The reception ended and we all traipsed back to the hotel, still energetic and happy and ready to play. The hotel bar ended up being pretty boring so a few of us hung out in one of the rooms, ordered delivery chicken fingers and garlic bread, and stayed up late gossiping and eating our late-night snack.

I was actually too excited about my dinner to remember to take a picture.
It was GOOD.

South Bend and Minneapolis only offer two direct flights per day. One from South Bend at 7am and one from Minneapolis at 7pm. Since we didn’t want to wake up at 5 am after the wedding, we decided to fly out on Monday morning instead. We streamed instant netflix in our room and just hung out all day. There was a Starbucks in the lobby which provided our caffeine needs. In the evening we ventured out to find dinner, intending to eat at an Italian place next door to the reception hall. Unfortunately for us, the city of South Bend is dead on a Sunday. We saw only one other human and the restaurant was closed…even though it was supposed to be open according to their website. We went back to the hotel bar which was still pretty boring and ordered food there. We’d been watching Law & Order, SVU the whole day and I won’t lie, our waitress was pretty creepy and we both imagined that she was hiding a body in the dumpster out back.

Aside from the very weird waitress and the deadness of a Sunday in South Bend, AK’s wedding was lovely and a ton of fun. The bachlorette party wasn’t bad either!

PS a post about the 24-hour NYC trip is coming!


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