>The Wedding in St. Paul


Exactly one week after the wedding in the UP, one of my former teammates got married in Minnesota. In fact, besides that first wedding, the remainder of the weddings we would attend in 2009 and 2010 would be those of my former and current teammates. We played softball together in college at Macalester in St. Paul. We are a close-knit group and clearly, are reaching the marrying age!

K and N’s wedding was GORGEOUS. There’s no doubt in my mind that I will never see a more beautiful wedding again in my life. The reason for this is K’s impeccable taste and also, her endless budget. K comes from a very wealthy and successful family. She is their youngest daughter and a blowout wedding was only to be expected.

The ceremony took place at the James J. Hill Library in downtown St. Paul. James J. Hill is the central St. Paul library and also, the most beautiful building in St. Paul. Jame J. Hill is everything a library should be. Marble floors, vaulted ceilings, leather bound books stacked on wooden shelves, built into the walls of the immense great room, leather chairs and giant artisan windows that let in natural light. I’m a crier at weddings and I started tearing up the moment we sat down. The altar was a table draped in white cloth, holding dozens of glass cylanders which were filled with water and topped with a floating candle. The 5pm ceremony meant that sunlight was streaming in through the great window behind the alter, bathing the table and candles in light while the rest of us were seated in a lower-light area. It was so romantic and lovely and I’ve lusted after the library for my own wedding so many times, I was simply awestruck to see it in real life.

The bridesmaids wore black and carried deep red roses while the groomsmen wore suits. The bride wore a designer mermaid gown that was both stunning and elegant. The ceremony was eclectic in that the bride was raised Catholic while the groom is Jewish and the ceremony was performed by a Protestant minister and family member of the bride. All of the family traditions from both sides were incorporated and it gave their ceremony a unique feel…this was clearly their own ceremony and not one that came from a book.

After the ceremony there was mingling on the steps of the library. This area of downtown St. Paul is especially beautiful as the library faces Rice Park and the cobblestone streets are often traveled by horse-drawn carriage. The reception was just around the corner at the St. Paul hotel. Upon arriving, glasses of champagne and wine were served to us by white-gloved wait staff on silver trays. I felt like I had finally found my place! I am, above all things, more fancy than I should be. I was delighted to find a raspberry in my champagne as well!

The cocktail hour was just that with everything from an appetizer buffet full of jumbo shrimp and crab legs, spring rolls, cheese plates, fruit, and chicken skewers but also with a full open bar as well as a martini bar. The martini bar was really unique. . .each specialty martini was shaken and then poured through an ice sculpture to chill before landing in your glass. Shocking!

As the dinner hour approached a server played chimes several times to get all of our attention. Needless to say we were already feeling tipsy and quite happy! K had invited many of our teammates and some had traveled from as far as North Carolina to attend. We were having a great time. As we walked into the dinning room I think we all gasped collectively. The room was absolutely brilliant. Everything was draped in with linen or silk including the fresco-painted ceiling. The grand chandelier was turned to a warm glow and the hundreds of roses on the tables and adorning the walls made it so fragrant you’d think you’d just walked into a garden.

We found our places at our table and found a plate full of Godiva chocolates, which we proceeded to eat, probably before we were supposed to. Dinner included a salad course followed by our main course. Senor and I both had the beef entrée. . .a tender filet served with garlic mashed potatoes and seasonal veggies. The beef was so tender it melted away in your mouth. After the speeches and the cake and several refills of champagne, we were ready to see what the bar would have to offer. The answer was, everything. After securing our drinks which would be free for the rest of the night, we wandered over to the photo booth where we took pictures of ourselves and pasted them into a scrapbook for K and N. Then we saw it. The dessert table. Wasn’t cake dessert? Oh no, there’s more! The coffee table had large silver urns of coffee with everything from sugar cubes to cinnamon sticks to freshly whipped cream and adjacent to the coffee were the desserts. Tarts and mouses and chocolates and cookies galore! We tried one of the chocolate mousses but were truly too full from dinner to enjoy much else.

On to the dancing and the live band! I do think I’ve never danced as much at any wedding as an adult. . .except maybe the one in March that I’ll write about next. We danced until the wee hours! At 11:00 K’s grand plan was revealed to us. She, a foodie and lover of food herself, had planned for a late-night snack. Servers brought out red plastic baskets lined with wax paper full of hamburgers and fries and chicken fingers and fries as well as miniature root beer floats. Replenished on our snacks (or full to bursting) we kept dancing until the party was nearly over. At this point we, as a group, decided to call it a night. K and N had graciously provided not only valet parking but a car service to drive us home, free of charge, in our own vehicles. Senor had stopped drinking hours earlier and we had no need of the service but several of our friends used it and we were grateful that a safe ride was available to everyone.

It was an amazing wedding and it was wonderful to see our friend marry her partner of so many years. They’ve been together since the sixth grade! Despite all of the glamour, K is a very down-to-earth person and is exceedingly kind. It was so nice to see such a nice person have such a fabulous day.


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