>As much as I love to cook (don’t get me wrong I LOVE to cook) I can’t handle cooking every meal every day. There just aren’t enough hours in the day and I like to have time to watch tv and play online. Also, I am not naturally an early riser and pretty much have to peel myself out of bed every morning.

Thus, I do not ‘cook’ my lunches. Every night my dad makes my mom’s lunch and it’s the same every day. A salad with chicken and tomatoes. Yogurt with protein powder. String cheese. Nuts. Berries. And probably some other little snacks. Now, I used to get the same lunch from him in high school. 10 years ago. I outgrew that lunch back then. I have actually packed it for myself a few times but I have to say, night-time packed lunches SUCK. If we have leftovers from dinner and they offer a yummy, balanced lunch, fine, I will take them. If they do not, I go with one of these babies.

I try pretty hard to avoid packaged, processed food whenever possible. I’m not completely over the top. I still cook my food and I’m not on the “Eat it Raw” or “Primal” eating plans because I think extremism is just not the way to go, ever. I do, however, make an effort with my packaged food. I buy the item that has the fewest preservatives and if possible, no ingredients I can’t say. Tortillas are terrible. I can’t find a tortilla that isn’t packed with tons of chemicals and preservatives so until I give up and start making them myself, I’ll be buying chemicals there. For frozen lunches though, Amy’s is totally the way to go.

There’s nothing in an Amy’s that I can’t pronounce. They have lots of vegetarian options (I do draw the ‘packaged’ food line at meat because Food Inc. scared me and if I want meat, I’ll add my own and I won’t feel guilty thinking about chickens with breasts so big they can’t stand up. For reals) as well as many vegan options. I just pop the food out of the little tray and into my pyrex. Add some broccoli and either black beans or chicken and I’m done. They’re soooooo yummy. Senor enjoys Amy’s burritos as a snack and we both really like her frozen pizza as well for the occasional side to a salad. Yum yum yum. Now if we could just get Target to carry a few more varieties, I’d be all set.


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