>The Rainy Day Fund


Sunset over the lake

Senor and I have attended 5 weddings since September 2009. We have one more in August and then we have a break.. As in, I don’t know any more girls who are engaged and there are no weddings currently being planed that I know of. I love weddings and I obsess about wedding planning all the time. That’s just the sort of a girl I am. That being said, I am relieved this year of excess is almost over!

We’ve traveled to Michigan, Indiana, southern Minnesota, and now Maine for weddings this year and I traveled to NYC for a bachlorette party as well. That’s a lot of traveling for someone who was laid off (me!) and someone who is a full-time student with a part-time job (Senor!). Senor and I love to travel (mostly abroad) and the past few years with the economy and such we haven’t been able to. This year we couldn’t because wedding expenses literally have sucked us dry. It’s too bad we don’t all get married at 45 when everyone is established and student loans are paid off and you don’t always have to worry about getting to and from remote locations for the fewest dollars possible. What a feeling that would be!

This year we’ve loaded up our rainy day fund in order to pay for the trips to Indiana and Maine We’re using the Maine wedding as an excuse to visit Boston and we have a friend and free lodging in NYC. A week-long vacation seems necessary considering the costs of flying to and from Boston!

Still, I’m a little sad that our annual fishing trip can’t happen. Every year for Senor’s birthday in August we rent a cabin in northwestern Minnesota on a lake. We spend a few days fishing for sunfish and bass (and one terrifying muskee), swimming off the dock, grilling our dinner and ending each night with a campfire. I’m not a huge nature person but I love all bodies of water, boats, swimming and fishing. Our rainy day fund was actually started as a way to fund that annual trip so it seems wrong that we’re ditching our little orange cabin and our little aluminum fishing boat this year. Our fishing trip is really the only time we truly have for just us with no distractions. We leave the dogs with Nonnie and Papi, pack up Gita (my car) and drive 3+ hours to a beautiful, peaceful place with no internet, no television, and no obligations. Senor doesn’t have to wake up at 4am to get to work and I don’t have to work 9 hours before coming home to make dinner. The best part is, we take out our little boat to the ‘best spots’ on the lake, cast our lines and wait for the fish to bite. We have a cooler of soda and water, sunflower seeds, and pb&j sandwiches. We listen to NPR from the cooler’s radio and talk about whatever comes to mind. When it’s time to go in, I beg for just one more cast for 30 minutes. It’s one of those vacations where you don’t feel guilty if you’re not out of bed at 8am in order to see all the sights and jam as much into the day as you can. You’re not missing out on anything if you’re not out partying until 4am and you can wear a swimsuit the entire day and no one will think you’re crazy.

Alas, the wedding in Maine is the weekend after Senor’s birthday and we have neither the money nor the vacation time for two trips in two weeks. We are very excited about going to Boston and we love NYC and it will be wonderful to be at the wedding and see our friends. If only it could have been in October! I think we’ll be making a reservation for our little cabin in December this year, just to make sure we don’t miss out.

We wouldn’t have wanted to miss any of the weddings we attended this year and we’re really glad that we were included and were able to share the day with the amazing couples we know. I’m glad it’s only one year though and that I was never in a sorority and I don’t have 30 bffs because I’m not sure I could handle a year like this one again!


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