Eggs – Orange or Yellow?

>Last year, I read Michael Pollan’s The Ominovre’s Dilemma. It changed everything. We also watched Food Inc. around that time which is based off of his book and that changed everything for Senor as well. We completely changed how we shopped.

One of the things we learned is that hens who are pastured (live and eat outside during the day and sleep inside at night) produce eggs with orange yolks. The beta-carotene from grass gives these eggs a rich, orange color. Eggs from the supermarket, even ‘free-range organic’ eggs are not orange. They’re a weak sort of yellow color. Free-range organic often means they’re fed grain and kept inside but there might be a door somewhere to get outside, but they never go outside.

Can you tell below which egg is from the store and which one is from an organic farmer at the farmer’s market?

Of course, the orange-yolked eggs are much better for you because of the added vitamins and minerals and let’s face it, it’s better for the chickens too. If your yolks aren’t orange, you may want to consider alternative egg sellers. Eat Wild will help you find one near you.


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